Leading energy transition

Accelerating the energy transition

The shift to a green economy involves many factors. At Enel X we make sure they work for everyone

Published on MARCH 16, 2021

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Leading the transition

As the climate emergency looms, Enel X wants to lead the transition towards a sustainable business model both for our own field and for the wider economy. Central to our mission are the precepts of the Circular Economy, with their focus on using renewable energy sources and materials, extending product life cycles, creating sharing platforms, reuse and regeneration, rethinking products as services.

Our mission: to innovate for sustainability

Our business is  based on the Circular Economy, and the key to accomplishing our mission is to accelerate the energy transition by innovating for sustainability. Our lines cover the whole range of a global energy business, taking in consumers (e-Home), cities (e-City) and businesses (e-Industries).  We also cover e-Mobility, focusing on all types of electric vehicles and the infrastructure they require, while our Financial Services unit ensures customers can meet their financial needs, whether these be buying a water heater for an apartment in Udine or funding a wind farm in the US. Enel X is a proud trailblazer on the road to sustainability, and our commitment has been recognised by many awards over the years. The latest was theNational Innovation Award for JuiceAbility, the device that allows electric wheelchair users to recharge their batteries using electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 
Our Offer

Our Offer

From electric mobility to smart cities, and from smart homes to energy storage and flexibility services


Other examples include the 2020 Sustainability Service of the Year award for our Circular Economy Report from the Business Intelligence Group, a recognition of our commitment to sustainability. In 2019, thanks to the e-buses running on the streets of Santiago in Chile, we won the Smart Funding, Financing & Business Models category at the Global Public Transport summit.

New energy, new ideas, new value

Aerial view of a town roundabout

Enel X’s mission is to find, and then nourish, smart, innovative technology and services to help people, businesses and cities all over the world to use energy in new ways, creating new value. We aim to transform business to discover smarter and more innovative ways to get the most out of energy, to everyone’s benefit. 


We want to reinvent the way the city functions, and offer citizens better, faster services, a cleaner more sustainable urban environment and a higher quality of life.

Enabling technological transformation for smarter living

That all involves the transformation of transport, to make it more sustainable and cleaner, accelerating the e-mobility revolution. That is why we are Official Smart Charging Partner for Formula E car racing, MotoE motorcycle racing and Official Charging Supplier​ for ETCR, the world's first ever multi-brand electric touring car championship.


That is also why we have developed, with our JuiceBox range, a portfolio of simple, smart and innovative solutions for recharging electric vehicles. And that is why, starting in 2016 with a single electric bus, Santiago’s MetBus now operates a large electric fleet.


The same themes run through our offering for the home, which we are making it safer and more efficient.



Sustainable innovation from the race track to the street



Our approach to smarter living is embodied in NO.V.A., an acronym for Nós Vivemos o Amanhã, We Live Tomorrow Now in Portuguese.  The house, located in Rio de Janeiro, aims to answer contemporary concerns on sustainability, flexibility and to show how architecture can adapt to challenges, using technology to achieve maximum energy efficiency. And this is echoed in our other offerings.

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Enel X is the world's leading Demand Response provider with a global market share of more than 12%. This is a cutting-edge solution to the question of how a balance between electricity supply and demand in the grid can be maintained even amid the increasing use of inherently intermittent renewables. The answer lies in the flexibility in consumption offered by industrial and commercial users. That’s a flexibility that grid operators are willing to pay for and one that we manage, maximizing returns for operators and businesses alike, cutting costs and consumption and accelerating the process of decarbonization. 

Over the next three years, Enel X will invest about 40 billion euros to meet the growing demand for value-added services brought about by the decarbonization of facilities worldwide and widespread electrification. Some 17 billion euros will be invested in renewable energy, leading to a total renewable capacity of 68 GW in 2023, a gain of 39% over 2020. All this while further empowering customers, who already play an increasingly central role in the energy system.


We are the global business line of the Enel Group, focused on progressive, value-added services, with about 15,000 business clients globally and a presence in 34 countries. We are putting our expertise, our innovations and our ideas at the service of the energy transition.