solutions and technologies for a smart home

Smart home solutions and new technologies

The smart home is the home of the future, and Enel X has a broad range of innovative and sustainable solutions

Published on MARCH 18, 2021

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What is a Smart Home?

Boosting your home’s intelligence whether at home or on the road, today’s newest technologies provide homeowners with effortless smart home solutions to maximize power resources and minimize energy spend.

Picture it. A family takes a summer road trip and comes home to a perfectly climatized air-conditioned home. A couple is enjoying a day at the park and, with the simple touch of a button, adjusts their home’s solar panels. While busy working in the office, you receive an alert for heating system malfunction and you’re able to quickly call upon top-of-the-line repair services.

Smart Home Solutions

e-Home Solutions

Enabling smarter, better living through cutting-edge technology

Smart Home solutions and new technologies

How do smart homes work? Enel X’s smart home ecosystem allows automatic and convenient control of the at-home configuration of appliances and energy devices from any location using digital platforms from smartphones and network devices. The ground-breaking smart home innovations not only offer progressive energy efficient solutions but also foster improved quality of life for the general population. With the advent of new technologies, understanding how to initiate a smart home system can be daunting.
Enel X aims to guide homeowners in helping them understand how to create a smart home so that their homes are not just sustainable and safe, but also places of comfort and ease. By addressing the actual needs of residents, while also keeping an eye on cost savings, Enel X offers genuine solutions that are technologically sound, energy-efficient and economically advantageous. Because for Enel X, smart home technology also means smart relationships.

Smart Home security

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Enel X and through quality turnkey services controlled by knowledgeable specialists, you can learn how to make your home smart without having to forgo ease of services, both at and away from home, with qualified assistance. Smart home security is no longer for the privileged few.


Smart thermostats, easily controlled through smartphones and other mobile devices, not only save on energy but also alert when homes can become a fire or pipe bursting risk due to extreme temperatures. Smart lights allow for enhanced security with the on/off switch managed from a simple app Simple smart home security solutions mean next-level peace of mind.

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How to make your home a Smart Home

Enel X’s focus on helping homeowners learn how to build a smart home system begins with offering foundational elements including smart heating, air conditioning and security systems together with guaranteed installation, as well as helpful add-on optional support such as annual maintenance, extended warranties and repair services. Enel X has also thought of innovative solutions for solar thermal and photovoltaic systems as we continuously seek to reduce energy consumption by identifying more sustainable approaches.

Homix is Enel X’s newest eco-conscious smart home solution which, in partnership with Amazon’s virtual AI assistant, Alexa, offers homeowners a comprehensive remote monitoring and management system to regulate and monitor everything from lighting to climate control to security.


Enel X fosters smart relationships by offering a smart technology platform that provides genuine solutions to guide homeowners on creating sustainable, safe and comfortable homes where innovation and ease go hand in hand.