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A quick guide to the new EU 2021 energy labels

The A to G scale on the new energy labels helps consumers identify the most energy efficient products on the market

What are the new EU energy labels and what has changed?

The European Commission has reintroduced the simpler and also stricter A to G scale for energy labels, which went into effect in March 2021. The most important change in the 2021 EU energy labels is that the A to G scale is designed so that very few products are initially able to achieve the “A” rating, leaving space for more efficient products to be included in the future. EU energy labels are mandatory for products that consume more than 40W of energy. 
They describe a product's energy efficiency class and its annual energy consumption in kWh. They also include information such as noise level, power, size and weight. Products with mandatory energy labels include home appliances and lighting devices as well as boilers, air conditioners, and ventilation units.

The 2021 energy labels explained

The new EU energy labels apply to fridges, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, television sets and external monitors, lightbulbs, and lamps with fixed light sources. Other products will follow in the coming years. A number of new elements will be included on the labels, including a QR link to an EU-wide database, which will allow consumers to find more details about the product.
A number of ecodesign rules have also come into force earlier this year – notably on reparability and the need for manufacturers to keep spare parts available for a number of years after products are no longer on the market.

How can the new labels make homes more energy efficient?

Energy labels help consumers distinguish between the most and least energy efficient products on the market. More energy efficient domestic appliances and heating and cooling systems mean lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint. They are also key components of intelligent, energy efficient homes that run on renewables. Enel X offers a range of smart home solutions that include energy efficient appliances and domestic solar power systems to produce clean and affordable energy for sustainable living.
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