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technical interventions for a sustainable home

“Made in Italy” is the key to sustainable homes accessible to all

Together with both large and small companies in Italy, Enel X strives to be a leader in innovative solutions for the sustainable home, accessible to all

Accessible Homes

Until not too long ago, the concepts of sustainability and accessibility seemed irreconcilable. Today, Enel X is making the home of the future – innovative, sustainable and, above all, accessible to all – a reality. All while guaranteeing high quality solutions, making use of the excellence of “Made in Italy” products.


Andrea Scognamiglio, Head of e-Home Enel X, discussed the company’s strategic role with Italian partners, and their role in the spread of new energy technologies that can improve people’s lives, even in their own homes.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We improve people’s daily lives by enabling everyone to actively make better energy choices

A key player in the sustainable home industry

Smart Home Solutions

Residential Solutions

Efficient, innovative and affordable solutions lead to actual improvements in people’s daily lives

Enel X’s e-Home doesn’t work with mere suppliers, but actual partners, chosen from large companies and small businesses alike. Partners are asked to share our goals of innovation and accessibility, and are offered the possibility of becoming key players in the sustainable home sector – a market where American and Chinese companies have dominated.


One example? Enel X formed a partnership with Ferroli, a European leader in the production of high-efficiency boilers, to supply valuable solutions for the home ecosystem: Ferroli boilers are integrated with Homix, Enel X’s smart home solution, which enables the smart management of consumption and temperature.

Another is Ariston, a historic brand belonging to the Merloni family, which produces in the area of Fabriano. A global player in boiler production, the company from Le Marche also designs and produces boilers integrated with Homix. Almost 100% of Enel X’s boilers are supplied by these two Italian brands.

The Relaunch Decree: an opportunity not to be missed

The Italian Relaunch Decree (D.L. n. 34/2020) includes 110% tax concessions for specific energy retrofitting actions, in order to renovate Italian real estate assets. To take advantage of this opportunity, Enel X has put together an offering for the SuperBonus 110% Villette that further demonstrates its commitment to making sustainability accessible to all, while promoting “made in Italy” products.
Enel X has initiated collaborations with Italian producers to carry out the replacement and installation of heat pumps, photovoltaic systems and doors and window fixtures, working alongside partners like Ariston, Zucchetti, Aton, Sciuker Frames, SPI Finestre.

Artisans for sustainability

By consciously choosing “Made in Italy” partners, Enel X has opted for Italian excellence in design and sustainability, to relaunch the national system and to become - together – industry leaders in innovation and sustainability for the home. Our contribution to the relaunch of the national system also extends to the support of the network of small businesses and local artisans that install our products in customers’ homes. Thanks to these installations, Enel X has managed to support small businesses, providing technicians in our installation network with over 400,000 work hours since 2020. With the collaboration of our supply chain of Italian partners and installers, Enel X has set the goal of making Italian homes more efficient and sustainable – all while supporting small, medium, and large Italian enterprises in their growth goals.
Innovation and Sustainability

Innovation and Sustainability

Leading the way to climate-proof technological transformation