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House with solar panels

What are energy efficient homes?

They are homes that save energy, lower utility bills, and cut greenhouse gas emissions

The elements of an energy efficient home

Energy efficient homes conserve energy and are kind to the environment. They are well insulated and airtight, with heating and cooling systems that don't waste energy, lower utility bills and shrink their carbon footprint. They may also be powered by solar panels plus batteries that generate and store clean, renewable energy.

How to make your home more energy efficient

Energy saving home improvements include sealing doors and windows, upgrading to LED lighting, and investing in a renewable energy system to generate electricity from the sun to power home appliances as well as heating and cooling systems. There are also a number of energy efficient products for the home, including smart appliances and technologies that can be managed remotely thanks to an an app such HOMIX by Enel X. Because smart homes make for increased energy efficiency

HOMIX a single solution for a smart home

Users can save energy and simplify everyday life at the same time, thanks to Enel X’s innovative smart home solution

The advantages of an energy efficient home

Smart Home Solutions

Residential Solutions

Efficient, innovative and affordable solutions lead to actual improvements in people’s daily lives

Energy efficient homes are comfortable and healthy to live in: warm in winter, cool in summer, well ventilated, not too humid or too dry. Energy efficiency improvements can reduce the cost of energy bills for homeowners, but they can also add value to the property thanks to upgraded insulation and heating and cooling systems. Last but not least, whether you're building an energy efficient home or refurbishing an existing one, you will be doing your part to cut greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change.