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HOMIX, a single solution for a smart home

Users can save energy and simplify everyday life at the same time, thanks to Enel X’s innovative smart home solution

HOMIX, a single solution for a smart home

Every homeowner’s top priority is finding a one-stop solution for saving energy and simplifying everyday life by smart home solutions.


With busy homeowners in mind, Enel X developed the HOMIX voice-activated smart home technology, creating a holistic, full-service smart home interface that monitors and manages home temperature, lighting and security to bring about a smart and efficient home ecosystem.

Smart Home Solutions

Residential Solutions

Efficient, innovative and affordable solutions lead to actual improvements in people’s daily lives

This is HOMIX, your smart home system

The benefits of the remote HOMIX technology are numerous, starting from the moment you log in. Enel X’s smart home system is easy to navigate, straightforward and approachable, allowing users to fine-tune their heating, lighting and home security systems through a simple touch in the app. Smart home lighting and remote thermostat regulation are just two of the many conveniences of HOMIX’s smart and customizable technology, which Enel X is determined to make available to everyone.
Enel X is leading the way in driving the transition to clean energy solutions and energy efficient homes. Thanks to the effortless technology of HOMIX, users are able to overcome the usual obstacles which inhibit their use of smart home technology, enabling them to harmoniously transform their homes and enhance their lifestyle.

Energy Efficient Home Solutions

HOMIX’s AI technology starts by learning users’ habits, preferences and routines so that it can automatically adapt according to their way of living and their essential needs. Enel X developed the HOMIX smart home technology to go one step further to address multiple elements of a smart home. The app not only oversees smart lighting, temperature regulation and home security, it also operates as a portal to an ever-evolving family of personalized Smart Home devices and appliances. Connecting these devices to the HOMIX app is simple and they instantly become customizable once linked. Through the convenient app which is downloadable on smartphones, the user is always able to modify and adjust things as needed, whether at home or on-the-go.
The advanced smart home system harnesses a home’s energy efficiency and enhances its sustainability, ultimately allowing the user to save money in the short- and long-term, as well as reduce their carbon footprint. Its energy-efficient home solutions in a single user-friendly platform are designed to offer its users supreme value, which is why Enel X incorporated the ability to customize each component, making its smart home system more cost-efficient and budget-friendly than those of its competitors.

A Smart Voice Assistant

Enel X designed HOMIX to operate in collaboration with Alexa, the cloud-based voice technology developed by Amazon. The app’s voice-activated AI technology automatically logs each user’s voice, allowing the app to essentially become their at-home smart voice assistant.
The platform works effortlessly with each family member, enabling everyone to seamlessly connect with the easy-to-use interface.

A Smart Home for All

Enel X believes that by bringing innovative products to market and creating new opportunities to build on the smart home ecosystem, while simultaneously eliminating external resistance, will lead to faster acquisition by the general public.


With smart home solutions, Enel X aims to remain cost-competitive and satisfy the demands of its customers by ensuring that HOMIX is a value-add diversified platform which each family member finds useful and efficient. At the end of the day, Enel X believes your house is “always your home, just smarter.”