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Hubject and Enel X partnership

A partnership to boost e-Mobility charging

Hubject and Enel X partnership in real-time settlement of EV charging to bolster e-mobility

Tackling range anxiety with electric vehicles

Concern about the range of electric vehicles and the ability to recharge them is hindering the growth of that market. Enel X has linked up with Hubject in a bid to tackle the issue.


The two companies are working to streamline the payments process when customers “fill up,” thus making more public charging points available.

The key to this is the real-time settlement that will become available across the Hubject eRoaming Platform between charging point operators, who own the charging stations, and the companies that bill drivers when a customer recharges a vehicle. These latter are known as Mobility Service Providers (MSPs).

A partnership to smooth digital payments

A long-term partnership agreement between Enel X Financial Services and Hubject, a Berlin-based e-mobility joint venture is the framework supporting the new payments procedure. This allows drivers to charge their EVs using a network of more than 200,000 public charging points worldwide.


Creating charging solutions for home, office and transport use, accessible with its JuicePass app acting as a single point of access, is a key element of Enel X’s wider business strategy.

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An integrated solution to accelerate payments

Currently, companies that own the public charging points charge each MSP separately when a customer recharges a car. Settlement is carried out manually every month or two, using a complex reconciliation process. The integrated solution developed by Enel X Financial Services and Hubject renders this process obsolete, instead allowing the two sides to settle their credit and debit positions in real time across the Hubject platform. The new system makes it straightforward for EV owners to fill up at charging stations owned by different operators without having to open a contract with a new MSP. It’s another way Enel X is promoting sustainability and e-Mobility, safeguarding the environment and simplifying customers’ lives.


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