Evolution in electric mobility

Electric Mobility in Evolution: our opportunities

The Covid-19 emergency has made everyone think about the future, and Enel X has a lot to offer in tomorrow’s world

Published on MARCH 10, 2021

The “New Normal” and Enel X

Energy and digitalization make the world go round. Over the past year, we have paused our frenetic comings and goings and watched the world flourish with thriving wildlife, clearer water and reduced CO2 emissions.


The new normal has motivated many of us to adapt to a smart and integrated work-from-home life. During this unprecedented period, Enel X has upgraded global infrastructure with e-vehicle charging networks, efficient appliances and no-waste solutions. 



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Looking Ahead with Intuitive Solutions

Digitalization, innovation and sustainability remain at the core of Enel X’s business strategy and fuel our desire to shape and capture value in the energy transition. The evolution of smart products and energy efficient services for individuals, cities, industries and electric mobility holds tremendous promise in offering exponentially expanding opportunities for energy systems.
As early adopters of the cloud model, we took this time to rethink and retool our internal capabilities to be able to adapt to a new era of wireless connectivity. This smart, connected way of operating has allowed us to expand on opportunities for new functionality and increase our internal capabilities, while remaining steadfastly committed to our sustainable business model which we developed in accordance with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Green Energy Evolution

A new energy economy is predicated on investment in innovation and invention and Enel X is committed to developing more affordable and energy-efficient technologies in order to keep the door wide open to a renewable energy future. Solutions such as increased battery storage for new generation energy, superior EV charging and distributed generation Demand Response tools are integral in helping our partners reduce costs and improve resilience, while allowing them to take advantage of greater off-grid flexibility.

Thanks to advanced AI technology, we are developing also innovative energy storage solutions, such as using machine learning to provide improved Air Quality solutions, which in turn offer unparalleled added value for our customers. 

In addition we provide to our customers  simple and secure online banking solutions with Enel X Pay, the online banking account from Enel X Financial Services . Payments and transfers, along with data-driven monitoring of financial operations, are made easy with a simple touch via smartphone app.

The Electric Pan-American Charging Corridor

As a leading green energy infrastructure provider in the Americas, we addressed the increasing need for EV charging stations by creating the first 100% electric Pan-American charging corridor with our cutting edge JuiceBox charging technology. Our investment in electric mobility ensures EV drivers can enjoy a carbon-free journey to or from South America’s southernmost tip. Additionally, Enel X has made available more than 140,000 charging points globally to EV drivers, ensuring there is sufficient infrastructure in place and ease of connection for longer drives.
Our Circular Economy Boosting Program helps us along with our company clients and public administrators measure and assess circularity levels through our robust systems, identifying new opportunities to enhance circularity. The methodology allows us and our clients to use data to completely revolutionize starting value chains.

Our commitment to a Better Tomorrow

Our commitment

Our commitment

We are leading the change, accelerating the energy transition

Given the global increase in renewable power demand, never before has there been a more opportune time to make a shift. Enel X continues to explore energy transitions and smart power with adaptable, holistic and technical solutions, ready at the helm for the start of a new and better tomorrow.