The Enel X e-Mobility Hub is here to stay

Enel X has renewed its relationship with the Vallelunga Circuit, in a move that will benefit both electric motorsport and e-Mobility

Published on NOVEMBER 20, 2020

e-MotorSport: technology, sustainability and safety

Electric mobility is one of the cornerstones, not only of Enel X’s business model but also of its mission. And a key part of that mission comes in the form of its close relationship with electric motorsport, which is the perfect “vehicle” (for want of a better word) for creating greater awareness of e-Mobility’s many benefits. This is also thanks to the sport’s emphasis on technology, sustainability and safety. Since 2018 Enel X has been using the famous Vallelunga Racing Circuit as its e-Mobility Hub. It has proved to be a fruitful relationship, as is evident in Enel X’s decision to extend it until October 2023, and to give the Hub a major upgrade.


Sustainable innovation from the race track to the street

All roads lead to Vallelunga

For Italian motorsport fans, the Vallelunga Circuit, which is officially named in honour of the great late racing driver, Piero Taruffi, enjoys iconic status, having hosted the Rome Grand Prix from the 1960s until 1991. 


The circuit is in fact some 30 kilometres north of the “Eternal City” and its location was, along with its reputation, one of the reasons why Enel X decided to make it its e-Mobility Hub in 2018.

The race is on!

Since then Enel X has been closely involved in the growing world of electric motorsport, acting as Official Smart Charging Partner to both the Formula E and the MotoE championships. These relationships have given greater visibility to its JuicePump, JuiceCompact, Enel X Race2Go and  JuicePole technologies, but the purpose isn’t simply to promote the Enel X brand and its products. According to the company’s Head of eMotorSport, Michele Cecchini, these championships are also “Perfect laboratories for pushing our technologies to the maximum level of stress and to test the worst set of uses. These conditions have enabled us to accelerate our learning process with regards to these cutting-edge technologies, and that’s a great benefit in the race to market.”

Touring and Testing

Enel X has also added ETCR, electric touring, to its selection of eMotorSport championships. Here it has the role of Official Smart Charging Supplier and is working with the sport’s organizers, WSC (World Sporting Consulting) Ltd, the company headed by Marcello Lotti. Enel X is developing a bespoke charger for the championship, while Vallelunga is also the perfect place for testing vehicles. One of the championship’s teams, Hyundai Motorsport, recently sent its test driver, Brazilian Augusto Farfus, to the track where he completed hundreds of laps at the wheel of the new Veloster N ETCR. Other teams are expected to follow suit.

A multi-functional hub

The Enel X e-Mobility Hub

The first development and testing center for our electric mobility technologies

These drivers and the members of the general public who go to Vallelunga will find much improved facilities. This is because the site is undergoing a restyling process. The new-look Hub will feature a lab for testing new technology, a fully electric smart circuit, a showroom for Enel X’s broad range of electric mobility products and, last but not least, Enel X’s e-Mobility headquarters. The showroom will also feature an exhibition that chronicles the developments in charging technology.  The showroom will also feature an exhibition that chronicles the developments in charging technology.  The showroom will also feature an exhibition that chronicles the developments in charging technology.  In addition to being an exciting multi-functional center that showcases the many benefits of electric mobility, Vallelunga will also act as a model for circuit electrification, and the progress that’s made here can be applied to tracks elsewhere.

e-Mobility is more relevant than ever

Indeed, the hope is that everything that happens at Vallelunga can be applied elsewhere. As Enel X’s Michele Cecchini concludes: “I genuinely believe that e-Mobility is the only way forward, if we want to combat climate change at a global level. We have a chance here to create a better future. With this in mind, I am sure that governments, automobile users and manufacturers will pursue this direction in accelerating the e-Mobility transformation.”