EV Charging Services

EV Charging Services

Integrated digital solutions for a smart and seamless e-Mobility experience

Managing the e-Mobility Journey

As more and more people, cities and businesses choose electric vehicles (EV) and electric fleets over traditional ones, Enel X is on hand to provide the charging stations to juice them up — and the digital systems to access and oversee them in a smooth and seamless way. Enel X equips cities and companies with the smart tools to manage their electric fleets efficiently. It also provides EV drivers access to a charging station network managed by Enel X and its partners worldwide through a single, handy app.

JuicePole: innovative and renewable technology

JuicePole: innovative and renewable technology

How technology recharges and renews

Long way up movie

Long Way Up, an electrifying journey

A documentary chronicles an e-motorbike journey up the Pan-American Highway, powered by Enel X charging stations

Report on urban e-mobility to reduce smog

Electric public transport: the key to ridding our cities of smog

Air pollution is now at emergency levels in many cities across the world. A new report compiled by the Enel Foundation and Navigant highlights the fact that electrifying public transport may be a solution with Enel X’s work in three South American capitals as case studies