Battery Energy Storage: our Solutions for  Businesses

Battery Energy Storage: our Solutions for Businesses

Advanced technological solutions that allow your company to stack multiple value streams while embracing the energy transition

Published on MARCH 16, 2022
The growth of renewable energy means power grids need to become more flexible and resilient. As electrical systems are gradually becoming digital, we’re witnessing a rapid and radical transformation of the energy market, which is shifting to a decentralized system in which consumers generate the energy they need and offload the surplus onto the grid. Driven by these changing trends, Battery Energy Storage is becoming a key technology to support the energy transition, guiding commercial and industrial customers. Enel X is among the leading global energy solutions providers of behind-the-meter (BTM) Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

Enel X's Battery Energy Storage Solutions for Health

Adverse and unpredictable weather events can interrupt the continuity of a business’ energy supply. Particularly with health institutions this can cause serious consequences. Especially for the healthcare sector, relying on a stable supply means so much more: protecting people’s health. This is why it is crucial that hospitals, clinics, and pharma manufacturers choose a trusted Energy Solutions Provider. In this case Enel X’s BES solutions can help businesses overcome power outages and grid overloads by becoming more resilient, optimize consumption by lowering expensive energy bills and improve energy efficiency by decreasing dependency on the grid. With Enel X, energy stability and continuity are at your fingertips, as well as sustainability.
Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Integrated solutions to save energy and boost your business

Battery  energy storage

Enel X's Battery Energy Storage Solutions for Education

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Enabling sustainable progress, together

Today the future of the next generations is strongly influenced by the businesses’ commitment towards net-zero carbon emissions. Boosting energy sustainability sends an important message from the entire education sector. Enel X’s BES solutions, individual or bundled, help schools and universities reduce their high energy bills and guarantee power quality even during outages.  One example? As Enel X BES, we helped UMass Boston (the University of Massachusetts Boston), cut high energy costs during peak demand hours, guarantee power quality, optimize energy consumption and generate new revenue streams by installing a Solar-plus-storage solution integrated with EV charging stations. By relying on our bundled solutions, UMass Boston is expecting to save 1.5 million dollars.
Another storage business case is the Marathon Elementary school, which is boosting sustainability and obtaining significant savings thanks to the  application of Solar-plus-storage solution in addition to the electrification of its bus fleet, cutting over 600,000 dollars in energy bills.
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Why choose Enel X Storage Solution

Enel X’s software optimizes projects that include the use of solar energy, fuel cells and energy storage. Regardless of whether you already have such systems up and running in your facility or are interested in integrating them with a battery storage system, Enel X can work with you to ensure that all the energy needs of your business are met. One of the advantages of installing an Enel X Battery Storage System is that it comes with our DER.OS optimization software, which is designed to work with all kinds of distributed energy resources and can easily be integrated into existing systems, such as solar photovoltaic systems. Furthermore, Enel X will take care of everything from the design to the development and construction of the battery storage system, as well as its regular and exceptional operations and maintenance.
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