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Second life batteries

Second life batteries

Batteries can have a second chance to create sustainable value, enabling a more efficient energy consumption

The case for second life batteries

When batteries reach the end of their ‘automotive’ life cycle, they still have a residual capacity of about 70-80% and can be applied for different usage after their initial lifecycle has come to an end. As part of the solutions for the energy transition, storage and batteries are tools to enable sustainability and, at the same time, they themselves must be fully sustainable. Extending the life of batteries means reducing their carbon footprint and increasing the amount of renewable energy on the grid. Enel X’s efforts are particularly focused on developing new technologies for li-ion solutions batteries and for their application.


Electricity storage systems and batteries play a strategic role in the energy transition value chain, they are essential to realize more effective, efficient, and competitive electrification solutions in several areas. From renewables and smart grids, storage systems and batteries make consumption more efficient for factories and buildings.


What is a second life battery?

What is second life battery? What are the benefits of recycling it? Discover more about how batteries reuse helps electrification and circular economy.

Enel X projects approved by European Commission

European Commission OKs Enel X battery projects

With these three projects, Enel X is at the forefront of the search for innovative battery technologies

Understanding the benefits of electrification

The Second Life of EV Batteries

Innovative applications for reuse of electric vehicles (EV) batteries

battery recycling for sustainable economic development

Innovability: an industrial supply chain for battery recycling

Enel X is participating in the Italian IPCEI program for the development of a supply chain to recycle batteries

Rome airport with solar panels

Enel X, Partners Win EU Grant for PIONEER

Innovative project uses second life batteries from car manufacturers to store solar energy for carbon neutral Rome airport

EV batteries

How does recycling EV batteries help the environment?

Developing cutting-edge technology for the battery sector, with particular emphasis on li-ion solutions.

Enel X’s Commitment

Our commitment to the research and development of storage systems and batteries was realized to have applicability to our clients’ needs in different business areas. applicable to its main business areas.

Innovation & Sustainability

Innovation & Sustainability

Leading the way to climate-proof technological transformation

Circular Economy

Circular economy

Moving towards a digitalized, waste-free production and consumption model



The essential tool for the energy transition and a sustainable world