What can smart buldings do?

Doing more with intelligent buildings

Smart buildings optimize almost everything from subsystems and maintenance to usage and savings. By connecting a building’s core systems (such as  water meters, pumps, fire alarms, power, lighting, security) through intelligent technology, smart buildings obtain and share information about what goes on in the building and automate different processes.


Examples of what a smart building can do include the monitoring of where, how and when occupants are present, optimization and synchronization of lighting, temperature and parking,  advanced climate controls that improve indoor air quality, and anticipation of any problems. Additionally, smart buildings generate data about their own usage, allowing management to upgrade and optimize. The result is better performance that leads to reduced costs and improved energy efficiency, leaving behind wasteful use of energy and resources.


What makes a building smart?

Buildings are smart when their subsystems communicate and the results are optimized usage, reduced costs and improved energy efficiency. By utilizing the Internet of Things (Iot), a building’s subsystems, such as lighting, plumbing, processing equipment, access control, and security, are connected.  A Building Management System, aka the actionable brain , monitors various building characteristics, analyzes data, and generates usage patterns and trends which will then be used  to optimize environment and operations resulting in energy and financial savings.


What is the Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses everything connected to the internet, and in particular, objects, devices and technology that "talk" to each other, including smart buildings, which utilize smart technology to optimize system information sharing and overall performance at the lowest cost and with the least environmental impact, smart buildings connect people and technology, and promote an intelligent future.

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