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Energy as a Service, the solution for companies

Enel X offers innovative, integrated solutions that enable business clients to manage their entire energy portfolios efficiently, profitably and sustainably.

Published on APRIL 09, 2019

“Energy as a Service” explained

Within the context of an increasingly complex energy system, the sound management of energy assets and contracts becomes mandatory for companies to stay competitive. Managing this complexity with an energy expert means to rapidly monetize over the company’s energy portfolio without the onerous investment of training internal resources in energy management, which de-focuses the business from its key priorities.and By delegating the management of energy assets and contracts to a trusted partner, companies can now minimise the energy risks, cut costs and in some cases, maximise the revenue  generation opportunities through the integration of new solutions and technologies.


What is energy as a service?

Energy-as-a-service (EaaS) is a business model that involves energy efficiency models and demand management to optimize supply and demand. EaaS promotes energy from renewable sources, letting customers optimize their energy budgets through partnerships with experts. EaaS solutions can help businesses gain control over their expenses for power.


Four macro-trends are encouraging a shift to the new energy paradigm

The energy sector and all those playing a role within it, including consumers, are experiencing a profound transformation driven by four macro-trends: 


  • Decarbonisation of the economy: nowadays sustainability does not simply mean a search for solutions to safeguard our planet’s health – in many cases, in fact, low-carbon energy solutions create both economic and environmental value. Renewable generation is increasingly competitive when compared to fossil fuels, leading to increasing demand from large companies for renewable energy. The effect is to cut energy costs by taking advantage of the opportunity to stabilise them at a fixed, predictable price, independent of oil price fluctuations on international markets.


  • Electrification: access to more economical, sustainable and distributed energy sources is driving growth in the use of electricity, encouraging many consumers to choose this form of energy over fossil fuels like gas and diesel. This trend is accompanied by rapid growth in e-transport, which has already reached levels far greater than forecasted a few years ago.


  • Urbanisation: in 1950 30% of the global population lived in cities, nowadays this figure has grown to more than 55% and is expected to further increase up to 68% by 2050. This means that an increasing amount of energy is required in concentrated locations with the Faced with such a complex situation necessity to also enhance the quality of life in our cities.


  • Digitalisation: it’s now clear to all that digitalisation has become a crucial feature of our lifestyle. In 2018 there were 20 billion inter-connected devices, and forecasts show that this trend will  grow even more rapidly. This is leading to a fourth industrial revolution, based on machine-to-machine interconnection, with the objective of optimising systems rather than single points. In the energy sector this opens up significant opportunities and potential for optimisation.
Our Offer

Our Offer

From electric mobility to smart cities, and from smart homes to energy storage and flexibility services

bridge with buildings behind it

Companies can choose to develop specific in-house skills or rapidly embrace the change by  partnering with market leaders such as Enel X, whose experience in the energy sector is a guarantee to safely ride these changes.


The technologically disrupted energy environment , led to the development  of the “Energy as a Service” paradigm, which seeks to satisfy clients by identifying the solutions that better suit their specific energy requirements, whilst generating value as opposed to the traditional mechanism ot simply charging customers for the supply of electricity.


The “Energy as a Service” paradigm is changing the way we buy and manage energy, the asset ownership and its management model as well as introducing new  financing mechanism and energy solutions.


Our “Energy as a Service” offer aims to provide a response to the following client requirements:

  • Higher returns: by monetising energy consumption flexibility that clients can offer to the electric grid, e.g. by selling excess energy produced


  • Cutting costs: by optimising consumption patterns and implementing new technology and purchasing methods


  • Operational quality: improved electricity supply to ensure continuous  machinery operations  at the client’s business site


  • Sustainability: both financial and environmental of the production cycle


  • Risk management: through simplification of energy management and control operations, as well as mitigating risk and optimising budgets


  • Transparency :provided by smart metering. This facilitates operational improvements and initiatives to streamline communications with stakeholders

How does energy as a service work?

Energy-as-a-service, or EaaS, is a business model that empowers companies to manage their energy consumption. EaaS works by bringing your utility consumption under management and allowing you to pay only for the energy you use.
Energy-as-a-service is billed on a monthly invoice rather than per kilowatt-hour, so it’s easier to understand. Energy-as-a-service offers predictability and transparency and allows you to forecast your monthly utility expenses. 

Enel X as trusted Energy Partner

Enel X is the trusted  “Energy Partner”  for all companies that  seek to maximise their efficiency and sustainability, and stay competitive in an extremely demanding market.


As market leader in energy innovation, Enel X offers solutions developed by experts in the sector, specifically created to satisfy the needs of industrial and commercial companies in Italy and abroad. 

In an Energy as a Service optic Enel X’s portfolio of solutions is split into four categories: Advice, Optimise, Flexibility and Supply to satisfy every energy requirement of business clients.


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