The energy of Enel X debuts in Japan

Enel X was officially presented at the Italian Embassy in Tokyo, an ideal opportunity to highlight both the brand’s vision and the innovation of its technology

Published on APRIL 19, 2019

The digital innovation of Enel X has launched in Japan, following on from the success of its sustainable and technologically advanced solutions in Europe and the Americas. The brand was officially presented to the Japanese energy community on 15 April at the Italian Embassy in Tokyo, as the former EnerNOC brand retires.


Japan’s energy system and market reforms are increasingly shifting towards the use of renewable sources, which offers  businesses’ new opportunities from their energy consumption. Innovative businesses will have the chance to generate new earnings by making their energy flexibility available to the electricity system as a resource, modulating consumption to respond to fluctuations in energy supply and demand. Enel X has the technological expertise and the financial know-how necessary to maximise financial and operational  opportunities for Japanese companies.

The event, organized by Enel X in collaboration with the Italian Embassy and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, brought together a significant number of key stakeholders: the 70 or so guests included  customers, politicians, energy system  regulators and operators, technology partners, thought leaders and the media. The aim of the evening, hosted by His Excellency the Ambassador Giorgio Starace in the enchanting setting of his residence, was to officially present the new Enel X brand to Japan, taking the opportunity to outline the company’s 6-year history in the market and share the new mission.


In his welcome address Ambassador Starace pointed out the significant contribution of Enel X to the energy transition in Italy and to the initiatives promoted by the Italian embassy in Tokyo to promote good practices of sustainability among businesses in the country.

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It is an honour to be hosting the event to launch Enel X in Japan. Italy is one of the countries that are most committed to the sector of renewable energies: a high percentage of our annual energy production originates from renewable sources. Enel X is a leader on the international market, with innovative and sustainable solutions to improve the security and efficiency of the grid.

Giorgio Starace

Italian Ambassador to Japan

Another important speech was made by Professor Ishii of Waseda University, who provided an outline of the Japanese energy market. It was then the turn of, Enel X, the protagonists of the new power economys to describe the role of the company in the energy transition in Japan: Eliano Russo, Head of e-Industries at Enel X and Jeff Renaud, Head of Asia Pacific at Enel X. “The rebranding is taking place at a historical moment for the Japanese market,” explained Eliano Russo, “the increasing penetration of renewable energies and the ongoing reforms of the electricity market are resulting in important changes, offering a significant opportunity to businesses to change the way in which they consume energy and creating new possibilities for the creation of added value.”

Adding to the discussion was Michael Mroczek, Chairman of the European Business Council of Japan, with a talk highlighting the key role that energy flexibility plays in increasing competition between industry players, and thereby improving the offer available for customers.

Enel X is currently the largest demand response aggregator in Japan, with 160MW managed from a portfolio of 120 clients. Over 150 Japanese businesses to date have already turned to the energy market expertise of Enel X, which expects to supply about 20% of the total power flexibility for Japan’s emerging balancing reserves in 2019. The mission of Enel X Japan henceforth is to ease and encourage the energy transition that is already underway, by helping the players make the most of their operational flexibility, increasing profitability and reducing consumption in the name of environmental sustainability.


Attentive to local impact while committed to a global outlook, with a constant focus on customer needs, Enel X is now sharing its philosophy in the land of the Rising Sun. For a more sustainable world, built with smart, ecological solutions.