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Enel X confirmed as partner of choice by Eaton Factories in Romania

A testament to the decision of partnering together to complete the decarbonization process

Enel X Romania, part of Enel X, the advanced energy services division of the Enel Group,  built two photovoltaic power plants with a total installed capacity of about 850 kWp for the producer of electrical panels and metal structures Eaton Electro Production in Bușag and Sârbi localities, Romania. The photovoltaic systems were installed on the roof and on the ground of the factories. What contributes to making the renewed partnership so significant is the fact that the plant in Bușag is among the first in the country to comply with FM Global criteria and uses panels with high fire resistance (B class). Furthermore, the PV plants installed for Eaton Electro Producție will ensure an annual electricity production of about 885 MWh, contributing to cutting down carbon dioxide emissions by more than 200 tons / year.

The path of decarbonization: Eaton Factories’ choice is Enel X

Eaton Factories had chosen Enel X in the past as its partner for a microgrid project in Puerto Rico, this second business agreement confirms the trust and outstanding reputation that Enel X has developed with the company. This is the first EMEA project realized for Eaton, meaning it is aligned with the EU policy on carbon emissions reduction of 50% by 2030. As noted by Daniel Șimo, factory manager of Eaton Bușag “Following its implementation, CO₂ emissions will be cut by over 242 tons annually and an energy saving of 2,884 MWH will be achieved. At the same time, the project complies with all the requirements of the company's insurer, AXA XL, so we are looking forward to its completion in order to benefit from its advantages”. As highlighted by Daniel Șimo, being the first project of its kind gives it even greater importance.
Distributed Energy Generation

Distributed Energy and Infrastructure

Save money and improve the site’s resiliency by generating sustainable power locally

The first Two Photovoltaic Power Plants in Romania Aligned with EU carbon emission reduction

The power management company Eaton and Enel X had partnered in the past to build a joint solar-plus-storage microgrid project at the Eaton Las Piedras manufacturing facility in Puerto Rico. Microgrids are a sustainable way to meet a country’s growing energy needs from renewable sources while helping to fight climate change. They also improve quality of life for consumers because they make the electricity supply more reliable and resilient, especially under extreme weather conditions. This new partnership however is focused on PV and not on the microgrid system as was the case in Puerto Rico. The essential difference is that the latter allows to store and deliver energy back  to the local grid to reduce stress on regional utility infrastructure while the renewed partnership in Romania will ensure an annual electricity production of about 885 MWh, contributing to cutting down carbon dioxide emissions by almost 300 tons / year.
Battery storage

Battery Energy Storage Solutions

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Photovoltaic panel solutions for Eaton Factories

Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Supporting companies in improving their energy performance and achieving Net Zero goals

Enel X Romania offers its partners the green solution to sustainably ensure the electricity needed for their business, thus reducing energy costs.

It manages services such as recharging points for electric vehicles, available throughout the country, photovoltaic panel solutions for industrial and commercial customers, advanced systems for e-city and e-homes, offering people, communities, institutions and companies an environmentally friendly alternative model that integrates technological innovation into everyday life. The installation of these energy generation sources brings savings of over 1 million euros to partner companies, by eliminating the costs associated with electricity transmission and distribution, as well as the contributions for green certificates and cogeneration.

Why Partner with Enel X?

The combination of cutting-edge technologies and excellence in services make Enel X a highly desirable partner. For example, the microgrid project works to the utmost efficiency thanks to Enel X’s Distributed Energy Resources Optimization Softwares (DER.OS) and its unique capabilities to optimize the project’s value across multiple applications. This means saving on costs with energy flexibility and incentive programs, grid services and more. As indicated by the terms of agreement, Enel X built, owns, operates the system for Eaton Factories. An example of how Enel X’s business solutions enable commercial and industrial partners to reach their sustainability goals while delivering reliable power. 
Our Commitment

Our Commitment

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