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Gliding silently along São Paulo’s streets in quiet and clean eBuses

Brazil’s biggest city asked Enel X for an electric bus and recharging solution to clean up urban air and cut emissions

The city of São Paulo is riding to a more sustainable future, with the help of Enel X. As it continues along its energy transition journey, the Brazilian city's government has purchased 50 electric buses, part of its goal to have 20% of its fleet be full-electric by 2024. Public transportation company, SPTrans, will operate the buses. In terms of the deal, Enel X is responsible for managing an integrated e-Bus-as-a-Service solution that includes vehicle delivery as well as the entire recharging infrastructure. The vehicles - being used by bus route operators Ambiental, Transpass (part of the Transvida Group) and Transwolff - have been gradually introduced onto the city's streets since September. Production is being handled locally, by bus manufacturer Caio/Eletra. Enel X's initial investment in the project is 30 million euros, equivalent to 160 million Brazilian reais. The initiative is part of the city council's efforts to renew the urban bus fleet with a more energy efficient and less-polluting one: each eBus emits 118 tons less CO₂ yearly than traditional, petrol-powered equivalents, while also significantly reducing noise pollution. In addition to these first 50 vehicles, negotiations between Enel X and other partners, such as operators and other automakers approved by SPTrans, involve the possibility of further increasing the municipality's electric fleet by the end of 2024.

The client

The city of São Paulo is the capital of the Brazilian state of the same name. The city is the economic engine of the Federal Republic of Brazil. Home to over 12 million residents, it is the largest city in the South American country - the 11th globally, in terms of population - and it occupies a surface area of some 1,521 square kilometers.

The agreement's benefits

Enel X's challenge

The municipality of São Paulo is seeking to increase the sustainability of its public transport fleet while at the same time cutting operating costs, reducing climate altering CO₂ emissions and cutting back on air pollutants which negatively affect residents' health and lifestyles.
Enel X along with its partners will provide a comprehensive e-Bus-as-a-Service solution. Electric bus manufacturers will supply the buses to Enel X, which will then deliver them to the city municipality. Enel X will offer an integrated electric mobility service, including installation of charging infrastructure in route operators' garages - as well as Enel X chargers - and will also provide the technology needed to monitor electric vehicle operations. Additionally, Enel Trading, the group's trading company, has also made certified renewable energy available on the free market to meet the demand for energy to recharge the vehicles in the bus garages.
The people of São Paulo will benefit from the clean technology that powers electric buses, a technology that drastically cuts the emission of health-damaging air pollutants. Furthermore, the silence offered by electric buses will ensure a more livable city and a more pleasant riding experience for users, creating a virtual circle: the more people experience the pleasantness of eBus rides, the more will ride them. Finally, but no less importantly, increasing the city's eBus fleet will help the municipality of São Paulo with its decarbonization efforts and drastically cut climate-altering greenhouse gas emissions.
Enel X’s challenge