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Enel X and Green Pea: green lifestyle partnership

Enel X and Green Pea: green lifestyle partnership

Sustainability specialist Enel X is a natural partner for Green Pea, the world’s first fully green retail park

A historic location for the first green retail park in Turin

Set in Turin’s Lingotto exhibition area the structure is entirely dedicated to sustainability, from the building itself and the products on sale inside it, to its vision, summed up in the claim “from duty to beauty.”  That makes it a natural partner for Enel X, a company noted for its focus on sustainability.

Smart City is now reality: Enel X solutions

Our Offer

Our Offer

From electric mobility to smart cities, and from smart homes to energy storage and flexibility services

As people enter the structure, they step on an energy floor generating electricity, clean power that is typically used to power the tile’s LED lights. Enel X uses these to spell out keywords that represent our vision and are linked to and help explain our presence at Green Pea. 


Other areas we are presenting include private electric mobility, the smart city, particularly electrically powered public transport, and architectural illumination. These  are exemplified in the brands the company is presenting – JuicePole, Vehicle to Grid, JuiceMedia, JuicePark, Smart Flower and Energy Floors.

A giant leap for sustainability

A video at the entrance plays on the idea of steps, opening with images of the 1969 moon landing and a reworking of Neil Armstrong’s famous phrase: “one small step for a man, a giant leap for sustainability.”
It then runs through a series of images of Enel X’s products, followed by pictures of the settings they are aimed at with keywords linked to our identity superimposed on them.

Going green for a sustainable future

The partnership with Green Pea aims to help answer the question of how to manage a green lifestyle and to propose the products that go much of the way to doing so. JuicePole means recharging your vehicle wherever you are, while Vehicle to Grid makes your car into an active part of the electricity network. 


Intelligent street furniture such as JuiceMedia and JuicePark complement recharging with value-added media and digital services, while the futuristic SmartFlower uses solar energy to power homes and businesses and Energy Floors turn movement into electricity and light.

This means taking the best of Italian style creativity and innovation and putting it at the service of people, companies and public administrations, following the logic of the circular economy.


By cutting waste out of our processes, reusing and recycling products in our daily lives at work and at home.



Spreading the sustainability message

In the Green Pea mall, small tiles in the energy floor at the entrance will spell out keywords such as sustainability, innovation and energy, while larger tiles will complete those thoughts with words like home, office, city, bus and so on. 


Tiles naming Enel X solutions – the Juice family, plus YoUrbanCity AnalyticsEnel X Pay and PayTipper – will be set into the floors throughout.

Innovation and Sustainability


Leading the way to climate-proof technological transformation

True colors for a brighter future

Green Pea’s three floors have different themes: from home to fashion and beauty, ideas which lack a direct relationship with our business. As a result, we have used evocative language and settings designed to underline our role as an enabler of a sustainable lifestyle.
Visitors will notice two different colors: green, which is the color of Green Pea, and purple, which is the color of the Enel X and our energy. Green energy: it’s a perfect combination.