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Recharging services can make life easier for wheelchair users too. As usual, Enel X has some perfect exciting solutions

Published on MARCH 18, 2021
The revolutionary advancements of global electric technology are opening doors worldwide. From smart cities to smart users, Enel X is committed to meeting everyone’s mobility needs by creating effortless recharging for all. With Enel X’s smart JuiceAbility adaptor device, electric wheelchair users can recharge their equipment and override limited battery range. This is done by increasing their power usage utilizing advanced e-mobility solutions, innovative infrastructure and smart app technology.


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JuiceAbility is Free to Move

JuiceAbility is Enel X’s unique, new smart battery charging system for electric wheelchair users. Developed in collaboration with the Italian start-up Avanchair, Enel X’s JuiceAbility is the first of its kind, an intelligent app that shares a network of over 11,000 charging stations throughout Italy, predominantly used by electric vehicles, with users of wheelchairs.
After locating a network of EV charging stations via the app, users connect their unique smart cable which easily identifies and connects the electric wheelchair’s battery, rapidly boosting the battery’s charging power. App users can locate and reserve charging points in advance through the easy-to-use live map, offering a high level of security and dependability. JuiceAbility not only increases the wheelchair’s range of mobility, it also optimizes e-mobility solutions for an entire community of wheelchair users.


A smart cable that electric wheelchair users can plug in to public charging stations for electric vehicles in order to recharge their batteries.

JuiceAbility  -  an Enel X circular product


Sustainable inputs, recycle and reuse.

Sustainable Development

Investment in smart communities and their long-term sustainable development begins with a foundation rooted in equality, making sure everyone’s mobility needs are accounted for when developing e-mobility solutions. In following the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (particularly SDG10, “Reduced Inequalities”), Enel X aims to develop technologies that level the playing field and ensure every kind of user is able to have widespread mobility access.
Our JuiceAbility charging technology was created to address the everyday mobility needs of wheelchair users and is specifically focused on how users can power up their equipment with a fast and easy on-the-go solution. Enel X is proud of the fact that its advanced technology has received recognition as a “best practice” by ANGLAT, the Italian National Association which guides Handicapped Transportation Legislation.

A Better World with e-Mobility

JuiceAbility is part of Enel X’s portfolio of Juice products which offer technologically advanced e-mobility solutions for everyday users. Tapping into new energy opportunities which help our people, businesses and cities grow and succeed is at the heart of Enel X’s mission. Sustainable development only comes when technological innovation is accessible to everyone, allowing each individual to contribute to and participate in the circular economy.


We are able to exponentially increase our resources and energy when we focus on the ways we can empower our communities and offer support to our fellow citizens. By helping people to live full and productive lives, we create a stronger, more productive, sustainable society.

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