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Enel X’s Successful First Year at CES

Enel X kicked off 2020 at CES by showcasing our products and services that enable cars, homes, cities, and businesses to operate more sustainably

Enel X started the new decade in Las Vegas, which every year hosts the world’s largest technology conference, the annual Consumer Electronics Show. 


CES 2020 provides the ideal venue to showcase our range of products and services that are enabling cars, homes, cities and businesses to operate more efficiently and sustainably as they strive to lessen their environmental impact and to embrace the energy revolution that’s taking place through digitalization and the circular economy.

The world is transitioning to a Circular Economy

The Circular Economy

A new model for creating value

The increased attention to building 100% sustainable supply chains at CES is testament to our belief that the Circular Economy is coming. By eliminating the use of non-renewable energy sources and developing products with recyclable and reusable materials, companies will be able to play their part in tackling environmental challenges such as limited resources, climate change, and waste management. In addition to measuring the circularity of our own products and services, we also work with companies to help them identify areas for improvement in their own supply chains. At CES, we introduced companies to our Circular Economy Report, an assessment that examines the circularity of companies’ operations and proposes a roadmap to improve energy performance and boost recycling.

Homes and transportation are becoming cleaner and more accessible

CES 2020 attendees were the first to experience our next generation of smart charging solutions in North America for residential, commercial, utility, and automotive customers. This product line builds off of our best-selling flagship charger, the JuiceBox 40, and will speed electric vehicle adoption and support the decarbonization of energy and transportation sectors.


Other solutions from the Juice range were also presented at CES, from the JuiceBox to the JuicePump, suitable for public use and capable of charging most electric vehicles by 80% in about 30 minutes.


From the roads to the home, consumers can now better manage their energy consumption across all areas of their lives.


Launched in November 2019 in Italy and Spain, Homix is an affordable, integrated energy management solution with Amazon’s Alexa built-in that helps families manage heating, security, and lighting more easily than ever before. With cloud-based voice service integration, Homix is a smart home technology ahead of the curve. A smart thermostat that becomes a complete ecosystem for the home, capable of learning habits to simplify the daily life of families.

presentation of JuiceAbility


In addition we presented JuiceAbility,  a smart charging system developed by Enel X for electric wheelchairs. JuiceAbility is a smart cable and app that allows wheelchair owners to connect their wheelchairs to any EV charging station equipped with a type 3A plug. A project developed in coordination with Italian startup Avanchair and Anglat association JuiceAbility aims to allow wheelchair users the freedom to travel without being restricted by the range of their batteries. 

Businesses and cities are embracing digitization

Enel X introduced CES attendees to our JuiceLamp, an integrated solution that serves the double purpose of public lighting and charging infrastructure. This innovative streetlamp features LED lighting and the capacity to charge one or two electric vehicles at a time, depending on the model. In addition to the lighting and charging functions, JuiceLamp can be used for video surveillance, air quality monitoring or public Wi-Fi.

Besides cameras with computer vision software and specialized algorithms allow our Adaptive Lighting solution to regulate the intensity of the light based on real traffic conditions, the weather and the amount of natural light, cutting cities’ energy consumption without affecting safety.

Our City Analytics tool, on the other hand, is technology that Enel X Innovability developed in partnership with a startup that monitors pedestrian and mobility flows using big data.
 This tool enables cities to organize their services based on real data on pedestrian and traffic flows, such as safety protocols for events, urban transit planning, and service locations.


Our team demonstrated these technologies during the events -  monitoring through a Smart Camera with video analysis  booth traffic at CES, where we welcomed 12,431 visitors to our stand across the four-day conference. Total footfall, including Enel X staff, was 18,318, with each visitor spending an average of 73 seconds with us. City Analytics was used to estimate total numbers of visitors at CES and mobility flows within the city during the event.

Our Offer

Our Offer

From electric mobility to smart cities, and from smart homes to energy storage and flexibility services



For businesses we offer a wide array of e-Industry solutions too. Our demand response - Enel X is the main operator in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania, managing a capacity of over 6 GW - and battery energy storage solutions for commercial and industrial customers were featured at CES.


These solutions work hand-in-hand to create a more resilient energy grid by empowering companies to control their generation, storage, and consumption of clean energy.

The climate challenges of the coming years require innovative solutions. At Enel X, we’ll continue to play our part by working with the brightest minds across the industry to help consumers, businesses, and cities use energy more efficiently.