Juicepole, open-air charging stations

Made in Italy engineering and a network of national partners for sustainable mobility

e-Mobility will become a bigger and bigger part of our lives, thanks in part to quality Italian partners and suppliers

Published on SEPTEMBER 27, 2021

Italian Heart, Global Outlook

A technological heart from Italy and an outlook to the whole world: this is the approach Enel X uses to provide its e-Mobility solutions. This approach has shown and will continue to show results: by 2022, over 736,000 charging points will be installed worldwide, while new Enel X electrification systems will allow for the development of new business models to support decarbonization. Credit for a large part of this success, according to Alberto Piglia, Head of e-Mobility Enel X, can be given to the technology, skills and partners in the Italian supply chain. “Made in Italy” products provide value in the three areas that make up the GBU’s work: Research and Development (R&D), Manufacturing and Production, Sustainability and Circularity.
Electric Mobility

Electric Mobility

Leading the global transformation in the way you move

R&D: between Italy and Silicon Valley

EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Stations

Scalable, intelligent, avant-garde solutions for people, cities and businesses

JuiceBoxes, Enel X’s smart domestic charging stations, are now appearing in Italian homes. JuicePoles, open-air charging stations for electric cars, are found on Italy’s most important streets. JuiceBox and JuicePole, products from the Juice family, were conceived and designed by a team of engineers at Enel X’s headquarters in Rome, in collaboration with a team of engineers from Silicon Valley. Juice family products, in addition to featuring cutting-edge technology of the highest level, have a distinctive, impactful, and recognizable design, integrated with the urban or residential context where they are installed. It’s no surprise that JuicePole and JuiceBox were recognized with the prestigious Compasso d’Oro Award in 2020 for their unique and innovative design.
Their installation is Italian, too: Enel X has installed over 13,000 charging points in the country and thousands of JuiceBoxes in the homes of private customers. This work was carried out by a network of e-Home installers for homes and a network of Mobility installers throughout the country. The choice to use Italian companies that share Enel X’s vision has led to two benefits: the development of new skills in the country and a significant employment boost.

Sustainability and circularity: two essential values

From R&D to actual production, the entire process combines two essential values for Enel X: circularity and sustainability – another amazing story that starts in Italy and can be told around the world. Thanks to our collaborations with Italian partners, JuiceBoxes and JuicePoles are made with recycled and recyclable materials. In the same vein, Enel X has identified another huge opportunity to extend the longevity of its charging infrastructure: procedures for end-of-life enrichment. Procedures like the reworking and regeneration of parts reduce the need to produce new parts and reduce waste, leading to further cost savings.
The Circular Economy

The Circular Economy

A new model for creating value

A primary role in the transition process

Thanks to the support of the Italian supply chain, Enel X is playing an increasingly primary role in the transition toward sustainable mobility. Their goal? To accelerate the level of circularity and sustainability for e-Mobility solutions around the world. And to do this with the outstanding support of a dense network of Italian partners.