Historias sobre innovación energética

Donde empiezan las buenas historias

Lee sobre las experiencias y los logros de Enel X alrededor del mundo

Todas las historias

Open-air EV charging solution JuicePole

JuicePole: innovative and renewable technology

How technology recharges and renews

Enel X circular economy model

The innovative, sustainable Circular Economy model

As climate change forces the world to rethink its economic model, Enel X shows how concrete action can help

solar energy storage system

How to store solar energy: the applications and systems required

The power generated by renewables is intermittent, raising questions about how best to store it for future use.

Smart city sustainable development

Cities worldwide are turning to technology to gather and analyze key data, so that they can become smart and sustainable

Solutions to global warming

Solutions to global warming. Mission flexibility

The climate emergency requires an ever-increasing use of renewables. Enel X’s flexible solutions make this possible

Long way up movie

Long Way Up, an electrifying journey

A documentary chronicles an e-motorbike journey up the Pan-American Highway, powered by Enel X charging stations

Enel X Guidehouse

Enel X, líder en el mercado Eaas según Guidehouse

La consultora reconoce a Enel X por ayudar a sus clientes a descarbonizarse de forma flexible y con ventajas económicas

solutions and technologies for a smart home

Smart home solutions and new technologies

The smart home is the home of the future, and Enel X has a broad range of innovative and sustainable solutions

Report on urban e-mobility to reduce smog

The key to ridding our cities of smog

A report by the Enel Foundation and Navigant shows that electrifying public transportation can cut air pollution

Homix Smart Home Device

HOMIX, a single solution for a smart home

Users can save energy and simplify everyday life at the same time, thanks to Enel X’s innovative smart home solution

PepsiCo sustainability initiatives

Enel X helps the multinational company meet its sustainability goals and prepare for the future by installing a photovoltaic solar system