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relationship between enel x and italian companies

Not just suppliers, but partners: Enel X supports the Made in Italy supply chain

Roughly 50% of Enel X’s overall spending relies on the Italian supply chain, and Italian businesses are an engine for the company’s strategic development

Solid Relationship

The relationship between Enel X and Italian companies has always been solid and productive. This relationship has persevered through the pandemic and will continue through post-pandemic recovery as well. The skills of Italian companies make it possible for Enel X to pursue its goals for growth, electrification, digitalization and sustainability.


Giorgio De Champdorè, Head of Procurement Enel X, Andrea Scognamiglio, Head of e-Home Enel X, Alberto Piglia, Head of e-Mobility Enel X and Marco Gazzino, Head of Innovability Enel X, talked about the relationship between Enel X and the Italian entrepreneurial network in a video interview.

Global Customer

Global Customer

Enel X is the ideal partner for international companies

A “Made in Italy” Story

Our Approach

Our Approach

An ecosystem of electrified and digitalized urban infrastructure combined with innovative solutions

Analysis carried out on Enel X suppliers shows its close relationship with the Italian supply chain: just under 50% of active supply contracts (for a total of about 224 million euro) and 44% of supply orders (for a total of about 145 million euro) rely on Italian businesses.


Analysis was performed on 3 main clusters: Italian suppliers that produce in Italy, Italian suppliers that produce abroad, and non-Italian suppliers that produce in Italy. Mainly, these companies are active in the sectors of charging systems for electric vehicles, home appliances and projects aimed at the development and spread of sustainable batteries.

The Global Business Units involved in the analysis were:

  • e-Home: thanks to the collaboration of Italian partners –in the manufacturing stage and the installation of solutions by small businesses – Enel X is making homes more efficient and sustainable, thanks to solutions that are accessible to all, guaranteeing high-quality products and leading the energy transition.
  • e-Mobility: charging infrastructure in Italy is designed by engineers at Enel X’s Rome headquarters and produced by Italian businesses. With more than 14,000 charging points installed in Italy in the last three years, Enel X has created jobs while supporting the electrification of mobility.
  • Innovability: together with other important national companies, Enel X joined the Italian IPCEI (Important Project of Common European Interest), which kicks off the development of a national sustainable and circular battery supply chain.


We make the complex simple through innovative and sustainable solutions designed around ever-changing needs

Being a partner of Enel X: sharing goals and principles

Innovation and Sustainability


Leading the way to climate-proof technological transformation

Behind these numbers are not mere suppliers, but partners, with which Enel X aims to build solid relationships. Enel X carefully chooses its companions on the Italian market, in order to always offer the best technological solutions available in the energy sector.


Partners are called on to share two principles, essential to Enel X: sustainability for the solutions proposed and circularity of the materials and resources used. This approach extends throughout the entire value chain and, by including partners as well, allows for the spread of both technology and a culture of sustainability.

The analysis carried out on Enel X partners confirms an essential fact: the enormous importance of the Italian supply chain on the global market, including in the energy sector. It has always been synonymous with quality, innovation and competitiveness – essential elements to boost the economic and employment recovery of Italian companies. And it will allow Enel X and its partners to reach their goals of electrification and digitalization in an innovative and sustainable way.