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Energy efficiency in hotels

Energy efficiency in hotels and hospitality industry

Here’s how hotels are conserving energy and cutting costs

With energy prices rising, hotel owners and operators are looking for cost savings on their electricity bills that can benefit the bottom line. Energy efficiency can deliver lower operating costs while also improving the service of equipment, enhancing guest comfort, and showing a commitment to sustainability. 

Sustainability in the hospitality industry

Sustainability is becoming more important in all areas of the economy, and the hospitality industry is no exception. Online travel portal Booking.com’s 2022 Sustainable Travel Report found that 79% of the global travelers surveyed said they wanted to travel more sustainably over the next 12 months – a 10% increase from the previous year. The benefits of sustainable hotel practices go beyond customer appeal to encompass other business areas like:

  • Operating cost efficiency
  • Brand value
  • Employee retention
  • Investor attractiveness
  • Reduced regulatory risk


Enel X's goal is to help customers define their energy roadmap and achieve cost savings by acting as a comprehensive partner, offering support from initial consulting to defining pathways and strategies toward achieving sustainability in the hospitality industry.

How hotels can conserve energy with Enel X

Enel X has helped hotels reduce their energy needs through its products and services for energy self-consumption and optimization, along with a set of solutions for energy efficiency.  Energy management solutions for hotels control energy consumption across all hotel systems and sectors (air conditioning, lighting, catering, hospitality, etc.), while at the same time tracking energy usage and identifying opportunities for savings. An Enel X energy management solution provides hotel managers with data about their consumption patterns so they can make informed energy management decisions and maximize savings. Moreover, Enel X’s Comfort Management is a software tool that uses real time and historic data to control cooling systems.
Enel X Connect and Energy Consulting Services

Net Zero Advisory Services

Track your emissions, designing a decarbonization strategy and achieve your Net Zero targets

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms allow hotel managers to optimize consumption based on weather conditions, occupation and building thermal inertia. As a result, hotels achieve savings on energy bills by dynamically and continually adjusting the temperature and strength levels on an air conditioning system, remotely. Comfort Management allows customers to gain increased comfort and guarantee pure air quality, while accessing greater savings from a more regulated energy consumption.

Enel X has helped these hotels reduce energy bills and become more eco-friendly

Here is a look at some examples of how hotels can implement energy efficiency measures to achieve sustainability and lower costs:

Mandarin Hotel (Santiago, Chile)

When the Mandarin Hotel in Santiago Chile wanted to offer its guests a unique way of reconnecting with nature during their stay and fostering sustainable hotel practices, it turned to Enel X to create a rooftop garden that reestablishes biodiversity and provides fresh air in the middle of the city. The Living Roof project will include the installation of two beehives, a greenhouse, 8 fruit trees and an orchard. Moreover, Enel X installed a 21.6 kWp solar energy plant that will produce 19.2 MWh per year of renewable energy that will help reduce the hotel carbon footprint by cutting 7.5 tons of CO₂ per year.
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pannelli solari sul tetto

Vincci Hoteles (Spain)

In 2008, Spanish hotel chain Vincci Hoteles started on a path to reduce its carbon footprint with Endesa X, as part of Vincci Hoteles' Corporate Social Responsibility plan and  sustainable global growth model, and has now cut emissions by a total of 1,405 tons of CO₂. A good example of how to make a hotel more sustainable, Vincci started gradually, replacing boilers and lighting, then implementing a mobility agreement and energy monitoring. The hotel chain expanded its efforts in 2015 when it signed a contract with Endesa X for the supply of 100% of green energy, for a total of 25 GWh per year of electricity supplied to 23 of its locations. In October 2022, Vincci and Endesa X took their collaboration to the next level with a global energy management agreement that makes Endesa X the priority partner in Vincci’s sustainability projects. 

Silken (Spain)

Silken Hotels chose Endesa X’s Comfort Management to manage the air conditioning systems at two of its four star hotels — Silken Indautxu Bilbao and Silken Puerta Valencia – and has achieved a 14% savings on its energy bills without sacrificing comfort.  The hotel group will achieve energy savings in hotels for an estimated 54,000 euros on its energy bill and will avoid the emission of 143 tons of carbon dioxide (CO₂) into the atmosphere each year.
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Mare Resort (Italy)

Mare Resort is a leading Sicilian tourism company that owns the Grand Hotel des Palmes in Palermo, an historic villa that offers visitors the chance to breathe the luxurious atmosphere of a vanished world. As part of its commitment to innovation, sustainability and continuous improvement of its management abilities, Mare Resort asked Enel X to install an energy management system that gives it complete visibility into energy consumption across 11 different sectors of the hotel (such as air conditioning, lighting, food service, hospitality and more). Enel X provided a hardware and software package that required no modifications to existing equipment. As well as keeping an eye on energy costs, the system enables Mare Resort to identify specific target areas of energy efficiency, thereby reducing consumption and making the entire hotel more sustainable.