What is Utility Bill Management (UBM)?

Utility Bill Management (UBM) is a Premium Service designed in particular for business clients with many different Points of Delivery (PODs) and, more generally, with many branches/offices in the national territory and/or abroad.


Utility Bill Management enables clients to optimize the management not only of their energy invoices but also of those for gas water and sanitation, in a clear shift away from the use of calculation sheets. In fact, using a digital platform enables the analysis and comparison of invoices and the speedy production of reports featuring clear explanatory graphics. The result is a precise evaluation of consumption levels that can facilitate future decision-making, thanks also to specialized forecasting tools. In terms of environmental sustainability, Utility Bill Management can also calculate the impact of energy consumption in terms of CO2 emissions.


What constitutes a utility bill?

A utility bill aggregates different costs that are fundamental to support the structure of the service you are using (for example, the electricity in your house). These costs are the various components you read on the bill every time you receive one, and are divided into environmental fees, VAT charges, transmission and distribution charges, other costs (such as storage costs), and wholesale energy and supply costs.

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