Net-Zero Advisory Solutions

Net Zero Advisory Solutions

Track your emissions, designing a decarbonization strategy and achieve your Net Zero targets

Transforming the Energy of Your Business

Although companies are taking concrete actions to decrease their environmental impact while climate change clock is ticking, most of them aren’t there yet. This is due to a lack of adapted renewable market instruments for all business types, dedicated budgets, and risk appetites. Many of those instruments are in fact facing difficulties in measuring value risk tradeoffs and impact on competitiveness. Corporations struggle to track and disclose their environmental performance as well as to engage with their suppliers and report their Scope 3 emissions, which is paramount to promote their brand involvement in ESG related issues and in transitioning to a zero emissions economy, We can help businesses plan a 360° custom-fit decarbonization energy roadmaps, to perfectly blend in with the corporate design of a specific business. Enel X modular approach consists of a broad range of Net Zero services: from data gathering, GHG emissions calculation, tracking and reporting (covering scopes 1, 2 and 3) to carbon roadmap definition, implementation as well as renewable energy supply and on-site energy efficiency solutions. Enel X Connect, a unique platform of four digital applications to support businesses on their path to cost-effective renewable energy: Utility Bill Management, Energy Exchange, Energy Management and Comfort Management.

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Why Enel X?

To Achieve Net Zero Goals

We can assist you in reducing your GHG direct and indirect emissions leveraging renewable energy, electrification and digitalization processes.

To Get Energy Market Insights

We aim at being your preferred partner to understand energy transition opportunities, legal and regulatory changes.

To Manage Emissions Data

Get emissions data collection support to measuring your sustainability performance and monitoring progresses. 

To Reduce Energy Costs

We provide businesses with solutions to optimize your energy consumption and costs, as well as to procure renewable energy at the most competitive pricing. 

To Communicate Decarbonization Achievements

We help your company in highlighting the progresses achieved to promote your involvement in ESG issues and provide your brand the visibility deserved. 
Why Enel X