Coupling progress with sustainability

Coupling progress with sustainability

As the climate emergency looms, Enel X’s response to the pandemic crisis

Published on MARCH 09, 2020

Innovation, sustainability are central to the business for Enel X

Enel X has placed innovation and sustainability at the core of its business, a strategy that stood it in good stead when the Covid-19 pandemic struck Europe first in Italy in early 2020, followed by the rest of the continent as the months progressed. As lockdown followed around the globe, nature gained a temporary respite from human activities, with wildlife in city streets, birdsong audible over the traffic noise that remained and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The technology that allowed much of human activity to continue in a way adapted to the “new normal” is the same technology that will help us adapt to the post-Covid world and which is embedded in the way Enel X does business.

Climate change: a greater threat

This is gaining in importance because climate change threatens disruption on a scale that dwarfs that of the pandemic. 


Tackling the climate emergency and building back green will require massive investments in infrastructure, from renewable power plants to charging networks for electric vehicles and from power-saving appliances to waste-free products...

Charging Point Network

Charging Point Network

The circular economy for Enel X

Circular economy

The Circular Economy

A new model for creating value

The circular economy is one answer to concerns about global warming and its effects. The principles that underlie circularity inform all aspects of Enel X’s business. These include reuse and recycling of products, such as the JuiceBox home charging range, which has a case made of recycled plasticThe Circular Economy Boosting Program focuses on recovery and reuse of parts of the charging infrastructure when they are replaced. Digitalization, innovation and sustainability are central to Enel X’s business, which focuses on the areas that have the greatest potential for transformation in their use of energy. These are homes, cities, industries, and electric mobility.

Boosting renewables: our answer

Enel X has a product portfolio that includes battery storage, charging infrastructure and Demand Response. This latter, which boosts the flexibility of the grid, is of growing importance as the necessarily intermittent supply from renewables plays a greater role in overall energy generation.


The profit opportunities it offers are also important in boosting installations of renewable power plants.

Battery Energy Storage System

Battery Energy Storage System

Integrated solutions to save energy and boost your business

Product as a service: the benefits for the customer

Our Air Quality solution is another good example of a product as a service.  It enables corporates to monitor air quality in enclosed spaces and adjust air conditioning remotely. It was developed using Artificial Intelligence coupled with machine learning.
A further example of a product as a service comes in the form of Financial services for consumers. This, too, is an area that’s susceptible to digitalization, as Enel X is showing with its online bank account Enel X Pay.

“Long Way Up”: the electric route through Latin America


Covid-19 also increased awareness of the need to protect the environment, particularly as regards the damage caused by transportation. e-Mobility is one clear answer. Enel X is leading the way with 140,000 charging points for electric vehicles available worldwide, including the first Pan-American charging corridor.


This runs through 11 countries from Ushuaia in southern Argentina to Ensenada in Mexico with 220 charging points for drivers to use. A trip along it on electric motorcycles ridden by two famous actors, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, was the subject of “Long Way Up,” an 11-part  documentary that’s available on Apple TV.

Long Way Up

Long Way Up, an electrifying journey

A documentary chronicles an e-motorbike journey up the Pan-American Highway, powered by Enel X charging stations


In summary, the Covid-19 crisis shows the importance of preparing to deal with the changing climate using the tools supplied by technology, innovation and sustainability. The world’s mood has been dark this year, but focusing on sustainability and the circular economy can lead us to a brighter future.