Flexibility is key

Flexibility is key

The energy market is being remoulded by the need for efficiency and sustainability

Published on MAY 27, 2019

Demand Response is the Answer

Flexibility is the concept that is reshaping the energy business as it shifts its focus to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Customers are the main players in this new world where renewable energies are going to be far and away the most important energy source of the future. By 2050, almost 80% of energy produced is expected to come from green sources. Demand Response, which rewards users for flexibility in the demands they make on the grid, is the answer to the requirements posed by a market that is being refashioned by the struggle against climate change and the move to sources that depend on the weather.

How Demand Response Works

Flexibility Solutions

Flexibility Solutions

Transforming energy from a cost into an opportunity

Demand Response programs pay large users that agree to reduce non-essential energy consumption in response to signals from the grid. Everybody wins — companies get paid for the energy saved at the same rate as a producer would be paid for generating that amount; the grid operator is spared the huge capital expenditure of installing new capacity; and the public benefits from a cleaner environment.

Creating Value for Clients and the Grid

Demand Response programs provide opportunities that create value for both the customer and the electrical grid, according to Eliano Russo, head of e-Industries at Enel X. These generate economic benefits for the consumer and contribute to the stability of the grid, while the client actively participates in the benefits through the program. 
The penetration of renewable energies in the North American market has tripled in just 20 years, according to Mike Storch, head of Enel X North America. Today, with services providing greater grid flexibility and stability, concern about volatility of supply in response to weather conditions is a thing of the past.

The Global Reach of Enel X

Over 6,000 companies worldwide have now turned to Enel X to gain the maximum benefit from their participation in Demand Response programs. Those clients can also benefit from Fast DR, which allows them to take part in programs that have a quicker activation time. Storage systems are another essential tool in this energy revolution, and the focus of a significant investment in the field by Enel X through
Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Battery Energy Storage Solutions

Integrated solutions to save energy and boost your business