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Demand Response for Business

Demand Response for Business: our DR Programs

Demand Response solution means customers are paid for power consumption flexibility

The rise of renewable sources has made energy flexibility increasingly significant. These kinds of sources are intermittent and non-programmable. For this reason energy grid operators must find alternative solutions to guarantee a constant balance between supply and demand in order to avoid grid inefficiencies while supporting the decarbonization path.


A more reliable grid can host an increased energy demand while supporting the electrification of commercial and industrial processes and ensure efficient functioning, this entails the need for additional energy assets that companies will have to optimize to extract the maximum value to remain competitive.


Enel X Demand Response helps to maximize the integration of renewable energy sources into a reliable grid while it enables companies to generate a new revenue stream optimizing flexibility based on the specific industrial sector opportunities.

Laterlite and our Demand Response Solutions

The partnership between Enel X and Laterlite provides a useful Demand Solution case study.

Enel X worked with Laterlite – a leading Italian company in the field of lightweight insulating products for construction- to identify areas of flexibility at its production site in Rubbiano.

Enel X devised a tailor-made energy management plan to enable  Laterlite participation in the Demand Response programme to maximize the company’s profits, while protecting its production cycle requirements.

This partnership has allowed the company to secure a competitive advantage in the energy transition, and has increased the awareness over the existing flexibility assets in the production process, that the company can further monetize.

Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Supporting companies in improving their energy performance and achieving Net Zero goals

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Enel X's Demand Response Programs: in data center industry for CloudCIX

Flexibility Solutions

Flexibility Solutions

Transforming energy from a cost into an opportunity

Today, online activities require an ever-expanding amount of data, therefore the data center industry is fundamental to ensure the continuity of  digital services. Due to their importance, data centers are manned 24/7 and often  have resiliency solutions, like backup generators in place. Consequently, electricity costs are a significant item of expenditure, while, given the rapid spread of this sector, a decarbonisation strategy must also be taken into account. 


CloudCIX, a 33,000 square foot co-location data center in Ireland, has chosen to optimize energy costs, unlocking its competitive advantage and to participate in the energy transition with Enel X Demand Response programs.

Operational stability is crucial for a data center, this is why it is fundamental that the energy consumption reduction to participate in Demand Response programs does not cause any disruption to the data center. This is why Enel X created a simple process to respond to energy reduction consumption, all it takes is the presence of one person to press two buttons to move back and forth.
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US Cold Storage and Enel X’s Demand Response Programs

One useful Demand Response case study is provided by the partnership developed with  US Cold Storage  and Enel X. A large energy user, and a leading company in the logistics sector,  made it the perfect candidate for Demand Response (DR).  The company’s interest in DR is multi-faceted—it encompasses both its sustainability and energy efforts. Cold Storagebegan  working with Enel X to enroll in Demand Response programs 15 years ago, and the relationship expanded to include more than 20 sites, enrolled in 7 Demand Response programs nationwide.


The process driving the energy transition for a sustainable world

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Why partner with Enel X

Enel X is at the forefront of energy innovation and a global leader in Demand Response, with a 7,7 GW capacity. Enel X is the trusted energy partner that businesses and Transmission System Operators (TSOs) can use to manage their energy portfolios and price risk, accessing the full value of power flexibility thanks to our innovative, customizable energy solutionsEnel X offers its customers the chance to participate in more than 60 programs across 16 countries, enabling  companies to optimize their existing assets and energy consumption. Its extensive experience in the energy sector, spanning for over fifty years, and its proven track record and ability to monetize customers’ energy assets,in complex markets and energy consumption, offers its partners a competitive edge.
Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are leading the change, accelerating the energy transition

  • Revenues: Our solutions allow you to transform energy from a cost into a source of revenue, without any upfront costs
  • Savings: We help you save by using daytime price variations and cutting additional costs generated by energy use during peak periods.
  • Optimization: our integrated flexibility solutions optimize the potential of your energy assets, giving you full visibility into energy consumption trends.
  • Resilience: Flexibility improves power grid stability, avoiding inefficiencies and blackouts and increasing the resiliency of your company.
  • Circularity:  We help integration of renewable sources into the grid, enabling sustainability goals and boosting the circularity of the business.