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An Italian town becomes more sustainable by getting ‘smarter’

Working with Enel X, the town of Todi will be better able to manage traffic, enhance street lighting and cut energy bills

Published on NOVEMBER 27, 2023

Smart cities and towns are key enablers of the energy transition, as they adopt innovative technologies that help public administrations become increasingly energy efficient and sustainable, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut costs.



A smart transition to improve quality of life

The town of Todi and Enel have renewed a partnership that will see Enel X revamp the town’s public lighting and building infrastructure, making the public administration’s real estate assets more energy efficient and integrating features that will enable energy and financial savings, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance quality of life for the residents of the town, some 50 km south of Perugia, in Italy’s Umbria region.


The project calls for managing and handling maintenance of the town’s public lighting and traffic lighting systems as well as investing in energy efficiency and managing, maintaining and supplying heating and electricity services for the public administration’s buildings. Enel X will also be charged with constructing the relative infrastructure and be responsible with executing all the necessary regulatory compliance, infrastructure requalification and energy efficiency upgrades. All of these works, further detailed below, will create significant benefits in terms of energy savings. Every year over the 16 years of the contract, the revamped buildings – whose energy will come, in part, from renewable sources – will be able to save 25% in terms of natural gas consumption and some 13% in terms of electricity use.
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Public lighting costs, meanwhile, will be slashed by some 70 per cent. The town’s air and environment will also benefit, as over the project’s duration Todi’s CO₂ emissions will decrease by some 696 tons annually and it will save the equivalent of 292 tons of oil use each year.

(Re)building with increased energy efficiency in mind

Energy Efficiency for Public Buildings

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To help Todi become more sustainable, there is much new energy-saving infrastructure that needs to be built: the main component of the project involves 20 public administration buildings and will see Enel X install 10 photovoltaic and three solar thermal plants on these facilities. Enel X will also build from scratch a Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB), which – as the name suggests – uses almost no energy at all, and enhance thermal efficiency by replacing current heating systems with more efficient heat pumps and condensing boilers, among other solutions. Enel X will also install building and automation control systems (BACS) that will help these facilities further reduce their energy consumption as well as carry out routine thermal maintenance on 24 buildings and electrical maintenance on 40.

An illuminated approach to energy use

Lighting plays an important role in the project: Enel X will replace the interior lights of Todi’s public buildings with efficient LEDs and revamp the town’s public lighting system – some 3,926 streetlights – by replacing bulbs, also with LEDs. Furthermore, 206 switchboards and some 5,500 meters of public lighting lines will be requalified. But the illumination component doesn’t end here: additionally, Enel X will also create new architectural lighting installations for the benefit of the town’s residents and visitors.

Following up on a previous project that involved Todi’s iconic piazza del Popolo and parts of the town center, under the new contract Enel X will create new installations for the old town’s ancient walls spanning from Porta Fratta to Porta Romana. 

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Enel X will also implement a system of video analysis and surveillance that will reinforce public safety. More lights, improved quality of life, lower emissions and costs: thanks to help from Enel X, Todi is on the way to becoming ‘smarter’ and more sustainable.