Demand Response, the experience of Enel X

Demand Response, the experience of Enel X

How we are paving the way for energy that is sustainable, smart and with low environmental impact

Published on MARCH 27, 2018

New opportunities

The disruption that has shaken up the electricity sector and the consequent technological and digital revolution that has invaded it offer new opportunities for consumers, who can now actively participate in the energy market by becoming potential suppliers. In fact, thanks to Demand Response programmes, consumers can also agree to reduce their energy use when required, helping to stabilise the grid and earning  money for providing the service.

A conference on Smart Home Services

These topics were discussed during the conference organised at the Milan Polytechnic Institute Energy@home, a non-profit association that aims to create a collaborative network for the design of Smart Home services within an efficient and synergic ecosystem. The round table set out to present the study “Participation in the Flexible Demand Market for Dispatching Services”, carried out by PoliMI and RSE (Energy System Research), established to examine the potential and benefits of participating in the Demand Response market. The study is the result of a cycle of monthly workshops held with partners at the Energy@home Association, followed by the creation of a demonstration platform on Energy Aggregation, available via open source, that enabled some simulations of the exchange of data and of managing the response to the demand.
Smart Home Solutions

Smart Home Solutions

Enabling smarter, better living through cutting-edge technology

The round table at the Polytechnic Institute was chaired by the Director of Energy@home, Fabio Bellifemine, who presented the study on new market scenarios together with Massimo Gallanti, Director of the Department of Energy Systems Development at RSE. Experts from the Polytechnic Institute and RSE took part in the discussion, together with several players in the energy sector, including Daniele Andreoli, Head of Optimisation and Flexibility Solutions at Enel X.

EnerNOC, a world leader

Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Enabling sustainable progress, together

Andreoli explained how the company vision demonstrated its commitment to demand management programmes last year with the acquisition of the US company EnerNOC, the world leader in the sector. Andreoli also outlined the experiences of Enel X in Italy, sharing some details and suggestions with the other participants.

A new role for the consumer

Consumers will not merely purchase the energy of the future but produce it from renewable sources, store it using the latest generation of batteries and sell it to the grid in order to avoid overloads and reduce pollution. The consumer is set to be right at the heart of the energy of tomorrow.