Pactiv, a new energy strategy with Enel X

Pactiv, a new energy strategy with Enel X

The Global Customers team skippered by Enel X Head of e-Industries Eliano Russo scores a major victory

Published on OCTOBER 29, 2018

Enel X Lands New Energy Consulting Client

The new agreement came courtesy of our collaboration with Pactiv, a Reynolds Group company. Some years back Pactiv tasked Enel X with exploiting the company’s readiness to reduce its energy consumption, thereby helping to stabilize and support the national electricity system. The new agreement will see us integrating our monitoring and control systems based on the Energy Intelligence Software (EIS) platform with professional energy consultancy services at eight sites, with a view to further expanding our presence to others. The professional value-added services that Enel X offers draw on the skills of highly qualified personnel such as energy analysts and advisors, industrial engineers and project managers, who can run analyses, measure energy efficiency and help customers access the incentives available under local legislation. Additionally, they can carry out efficiency audits of companies’ in-house processes and support clients in creating energy efficiency projects.  
Global Partnership

Global Partnership

Working together to change the way the world uses energy

Facing the Challenge, Changing the Paradigm

The New Zealand company Reynolds Group, which is headquartered in Auckland, is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of consumer beverage and foodservice packaging products. In fact, it counts leading food sector brands and major distribution companies amongst its largest clients. Pactiv has over 50 different bases across the world and runs up an energy bill of 100 million dollars annually.  The challenge was to contain spending on energy by identifying the main sources of consumption. Our expert digital solutions team immediately threw themselves into the fray and went all out to meet the client’s needs by offering a highly professional complete energy consultancy service. 
Enel X’s Energy Intelligence Software was initially used at two Pactiv plants, a process that involved extensive customizations developed for the client with a constant on-site presence to analyze the plant’s requirements and guide the managers of the various facilities towards adopting better energy practices. Use of the software was later also extended to a further six sites. The change in perspective laid the foundations for a paradigm shift that not only encouraged the industrial plants to implement their new sustainable actions in-house but also raised client awareness of the kind of electricity culture necessary to achieve optimal energy saving results.

An Integrated Approach

Energy Consulting Services

Net-Zero Advisory Solutions

Track your emissions, designing a decarbonization strategy and achieve your Net-Zero targets

Pactiv’s express aim was to achieve an annual reduction of 3% in its energy consumption while also being able to monitor the energy costs being clocked up by all the company’s various plants in real time. The manufacturing company also wanted to be able to compare the consumption figures of the different facilities to keep track of the performance of their machinery and their energy use. The proposed solution is a package of intelligent software, engineering services and operational efficiency consultancies that leverages all the existing strengths of the plants while offering new perspectives in areas still not being managed to their full potential. Very clearly this demanded teamwork and was spread over various stages: the initial Proof of Concept at two Pactiv sites, then the extension to a further six sites and the potential expansion to all the company’s sites. The progression of this project has convinced Pactiv of the great value of the integrated solutions we proposed, suggested and implemented, all of which were tailored in minute detail around the client profile.  

A Preferred Energy Solutions Partner

So we are celebrating a major victory here at Enel X. Not just because we have satisfied a client with a very high international profile, to the extent that it now sees us as its preferred partner in the provision of energy solutions, but also because, once again, our intuition clearly played an important part together with an approach focused on change and on the needs of our business clientele.
This is why we turn every challenge put to us into an opportunity for growth — not just for us but also, and most importantly, for the clients that trust in our experience.