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Enel X, Infracapital join forces to provide new energy solutions

Enel X, Infracapital join forces to provide new energy solutions

A new joint venture to develop cogeneration, trigeneration, and energy efficiency solutions for C&I customers in Italy and abroad

Published on DECEMBER 24, 2018

A New Platform for Energy Efficiency

As the energy business goes through a period of radical transformation by melding innovation with sustainability, Enel X and Infracapital are working on a platform that will make it easier to develop energy efficiency projects for commercial and industrial customers in Italy and Europe. With the climate emergency gathering pace, companies are seeking to play an active role in forging a cleaner future. Businesses are prioritizing initiatives to use resources more efficiently, as well as developing ways to store energy and increase the number of zero-emissions vehicles in their fleets.

Huge Potential in Demand Response

Flexibility Solutions

Flexibility Solutions

Transforming energy from a cost into an opportunity

The new partnership has huge potential in the area of Demand Response programs. These are arrangements that pay companies to be good citizens by reducing non-essential energy use when the electric grid needs the extra capacity. This is good for all concerned — for the companies that monetize capacity, for the public, and for the grid operators that avoid huge capital expenditures. 

About the Joint Venture

The agreement calls for Enel X, the Enel Group’s innovation and digital solutions unit, to sell 11 plants currently in its Italian portfolio to Infracapital, the infrastructure investment division of UK-based M&G Investments. 
Together, the plants involved have a total capacity of 27.5 MW. The joint venture, in which Infracapital will take an 80% stake, will allow the partners to use Demand Response programs to exploit alternative energy efficiency technologies, distributed generation, energy storage and electric vehicle charging networks.

Cementing Our Leadership Position

This will be in addition to optimizing the use of our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) infrastructure, which recovers otherwise wasted energy for heating or cooling, as well as generating electricity. 
The joint venture will help cement Enel X’s leading position in European infrastructure projects in the fields of energy efficiency and cogeneration.

The Benefits of Cogeneration and Trigeneration

The plants involved, which Enel X will continue to manage, are cogeneration and trigeneration systems. These generate both electricity and useful heating in the first instance, with the addition of cold water or air in the second, and offer significant and real benefits to final customers. These include lower energy and management costs, as well as a reduction of both emissions and the amount of residual heat released into the atmosphere, benefitting the environment.
Business solutions

Business Solutions

Supporting companies in improving their energy performance and achieving Net Zero goals

Integrated Services Plus Financial Strength

Enel X will continue to provide integrated services to final customers, starting with an evaluation of their energy needs and extending all the way to managing high-efficiency solutions to optimize consumption. 
Infracapital will provide significant financial resources, helping final customers invest in the latest solutions to their energy needs, resulting in more efficient infrastructure and consumption.