Become an Innovation Partner​

Become an Innovation Partner​

We love great ideas. If you have one, we want to hear about it.​

Our Innovation Ecosystem

We believe that the best way to scout and develop new ideas for innovation and sustainability is through an ecosystem of startups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and big companies, research centers, universities and even our employees and clients. Like Enel X itself, our ecosystem is a global network. We work with partners all over the world.

Innovation Hubs

Brilliant ideas can come from anywhere, but we know that the academic and business worlds are great places to look. Our Innovation Hubs are often a meeting point between the two.​

Enel X rises to the challenge of smart communities

Enel X rises to the challenge of smart communities

Rates of urbanization, new technologies and new demands mean it’s vital to get smart

juiceability system

JuiceAbility - Improving the “quality of life,” for everyone

Recharging services can make life easier for wheelchair users too. As usual, Enel X has some perfect solutions

City Analytics for Smart Cities

The smart city: Enel X and City Analytics

City Analytics gathers Big Data to produce actionable information for city administrations