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What is Enel X?

Enel X Global Retail is the Enel Group global business line operating in the field of energy supply and energy management services. Its aim is to provide an ecosystem of integrated solutions, based on a platform business model that includes assets for optimizing and self-producing energy, and premium energy efficiency and management solutions, easily adoptable by everyone. These solutions are tailored to the needs of people, governments and businesses, enabling them to actively make better energy choices as they evolve along their energy transition journey. So what is Enel X? It is a company that - thanks to an ecosystem of modular and integrated products and services - promotes the electrification of uses and digitalization.
Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are leading the change, accelerating the energy transition

The Enel X company is present in 17 countries around the world. It has three main business lines - residential, business and government - and supplies energy to around 60 million customers every day. The company has just over 90 GW of installed renewable capacity globally, manages Demand Response services with a total capacity of 8.1 GW and has installed 115 MW of behind-the-meter storage as well as over 3 million light points worldwide.

What are the main solutions and services offered by Enel X?

Our Offer

Our Offer

From smart cities to smart homes and from energy storage to flexibility services

Enel X offers a wide range of solutions for residential consumers, businesses and public administrations. Thanks to its portfolio of innovative and digital technologies, and together with its expert know-how, Enel X can ensure that its customers – whether homeowners, business managers or local government officials – can maximize energy efficiency, thus saving on costs while at the same time reducing climate altering emissions.

Enel X services for residential customers

The residential unit of Enel X provides residential customers with an ecosystem of integrated and easy-to-use home energy efficiency and smart tech products and services. These solutions help residential customers make sustainable, affordable, and efficient choices that grant them more control over their energy management and consumption. This unit encourages residential electrification of uses – for example, in heating/cooling and cooking – supporting efforts to improve energy efficiency in homes. It also helps residential customers attain greater supply independence and resilience.

In the residential sphere, Enel X services include:

  • Provision of electricity and gas

  • Fiber

  • Cooling and heating solutions

  • Photovoltaic systems

  • Smart home devices

  • Assistance to ensure greater savings, efficiency, comfort, and security at home and in daily life.


Smart Home Solutions

Residential Solutions

Efficient, innovative and affordable solutions lead to actual improvements in people’s daily lives

It is an approach centered on people’s needs, based on an innovative mindset and a complete and integrated offer – one that delivers significant savings and increases the sustainability of energy production and consumption – provided by a single and experienced supplier.

Enel X services for business customers

The Enel X business unit helps companies improve their energy performance and achieve Net Zero targets. It promotes the self-production of electricity and digitalization process and, at the same time, enables commercial and industrial companies to consciously make beneficial and efficient choices and gain control over their own energy assets. In other words, it offers integrated solutions for energy supply and optimization, ensuring companies can manage their consumption and achieve their sustainability goals.
Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Supporting companies in improving their energy performance and achieving Net Zero goals

Enel X achieves this thanks to an ecosystem of integrated solutions, including:


These solutions – paired with the most appropriate financing options – help customers increase competitiveness, optimize energy spending and reduce risks, while creating new revenue streams from – for example – the sale back to the grid of unused energy. All of this is made possible thanks to the Group’s global presence, experience, vision, and reliability.

Enel X outlines a roadmap to energy efficiency for its customers, from consultation to execution and monitoring, to guide them on their decarbonization journey with a more efficient, sustainable, and independent use of energy.

Enel X services for Public Administrations

Managing a city requires taking care of many of those things citizens take for granted every day, including street lighting that works, buses and public transport that is on time and available frequently, parks and green spaces that are welcoming, working hospitals and public buildings that are warm in winter and cool in summer. Working closely with public administrations, Enel X supports them in making more beneficial and efficient choices for their communities, choices that lead to more livable and smarter cities – all while ensuring they achieve their decarbonization and sustainability goals.

Thanks to its portfolio of services for digitalized, circular cities Enel X’s government unit helps public administrations also attain greater control – and improved management capabilities – over their energy assets. 

This is achievable thanks to Enel X’s extensive ecosystem of electrified and digitalized urban infrastructure products and services, including:

Smart City

City Solutions

An ecosystem of electrified and digitalized urban infrastructure combined with innovative solutions

Enel X also provides public administrations and local governments with electricity and natural gas. By bringing together its expertise and extensive portfolio of products and services, Enel X can help meet the needs of local communities, optimizing the use of collective resources and helping build more sustainable, livable, and smart cities.

All thanks to a reliable overall advisory approach that makes investments in urban areas more efficient and affordable.