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Cities get smart with Enel X management software

With Enel X’s energy management software, urban areas get smart, becoming more livable and more efficient

Moving towards more energy-efficient cities

Cities are at the centre of most of our lives and are becoming more central with the passing of the years. They must also become smart. Recognizing this, in its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the United Nations set out ambitious targets for cities that commit to its 2030 agenda, in effect designing an energy-efficient program for their transformation into smart and sustainable cities. Because urban areas already account for 70% of global energy consumption and produce 75% of greenhouse gas emissions, energy policy is a key element in hitting the UN’s targets.

Smart City Factors

Smart cities save energy by seeking out and using innovative ways of carrying out their various functions, from security and planning, to mobility, electric mobility  and smart city LED lighting and much else besides. The result is to make smart cities more efficient, more liveable and sustainable.


Above all, smart city development means becoming more digital, generating data that can be used to hone procedures, to supply more efficiently the better targeted services that residents demand.

Enel X’s City Analytics

For example, Enel X’s City Analytics uses all the data - the Big Data - generated by the interactions of residents and visitors to improve administrations’ understanding of the ways in which their city is experienced. This smart city analytical platform integrates inputs from sources ranging from local governments and mobile apps to advertising networks, from open data to the various sensors and cameras. 

It then employs machine-learning algorithms to generate meaningful insights that administrators can use to improve the choices they make when planning mobility and security, managing road traffic and parking, and deciding on the best places to put new infrastructure.

City Analytics demonstrated its power especially during the lockdowns in 2020,  through an interactive map developed in partnership with HERE Technologies; this map showed flows of citizens in and out of each region, province and local council area of Italy, and was dreamed up specifically for the emergency. It allows users to see the movements that have taken place on any day right from the morning after.

A Smart and Customizable Solution for PA

Customizable to meet the real information needs of administrations for ease decision-making, monitor flows, and optimise size and positioning of services and infrastructure (from parking lots and charging towers, to garbage bins, as well as in planning road traffic flows), the city analytical service offers a viable solution that helps plan services on the basis of actual demand, through systematic collection, analysis and processing of Big Data.

By monitoring flows of pedestrians and vehicles, offering estimates of resident and visitor numbers and showing heatmaps of the busiest areas of the city, City Analytics shows how people are distributed across the area of interest, where they are going and where they come from, as well as revealing the behaviors of specific groups such as commuters, residents and tourists, all presented on an easy-to-understand dashboard.

Digital Services

Digital Services

Innovative software and platforms to plan and manage a sustainable city

A predictive model for the cities of tomorrow

City Analytics can also be used in statistical and predictive modelling, allowing administrators to prepare for events and the stresses they might put upon infrastructure and services.The data collected is handled in accordance with the relevant privacy regulations. It is gathered anonymously, aggregated and processed before being relayed to the main dashboard. City Analytics currently operates a subscription service in Italy, Spain and Brazil.
As part of the Enel Group, Enel X can draw on half a century of expertise in the energy business. We have combined this unrivalled history and know-how with cutting-edge technologies and digital platforms with a single aim – to facilitate and simplify a city’s management processes.