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Sustainable transportation is key to the energy transition. Electrification is an opportunity to reshape our cities

Published on MARCH 25, 2021

The need to electrify public transport

Climate change, surging urbanization rates, technology and swelling demand for energy are just some of the elements that are altering the face of the modern city as lifestyles change and pose new challenges.


One part of the challenge is citizens’ need to get around the urban landscape efficiently and sustainably, a requirement that speaks to the need for cities to shift to electrically powered public transport.

Going beyond electric buses

More than just electric buses, Enel X aims to bring about a radical transformation of cities, restructuring the urban environment through innovation, efficiency and integration.


These key factors find real-world applications in public transport, renewing not only vehicle fleets but also bus stops and shelters, which will become smart and multifunctional.

Electric public transport

Electric Public Transportation

Zero-emissions mobility for sustainable cities

Juice Solutions street furniture

Smart Urban Design

Smart Urban Design

Transforming installed infrastructure into smart, multi-purpose urban furniture for an interconnected city

Our Juice Solutions range of urban furniture integrates e-mobility charging stations, combining efficiency and optimization of resources by taking advantage of infrastructure that is of necessity in place.


Our offering covers smart street lighting, interactive connectivity, and charging stations powered by clean, renewable energy.

Our offering

Enel X JuiceLamp is a multifunctional streetlamp that combines cutting-edge public lighting, saving on energy, with two charging stations for electric vehicles. This comes in different styles, models, colors and heights, with the possibility of an extended package called Enel X JuiceLamp Plus, that adds cameras, environmental monitoring sensors and WiFi.


Our Enel X JuiceMedia combines one or two charging stations with a high-resolution screen that allows city administrators to interact with citizens and tourists, or which can be used to show advertising. 

Again, other added-value solutions can be integrated into JuiceMedia, including WiFi, environmental sensors and security cameras.


Enel X JuicePark is a smart canopy of solar panels for car parks, providing charging with renewable energy for cars, scooters and bikes. This can be extended to charge electric buses.

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The Santiago example

Electric buses in Santiago, run by MetBus, the city’s transit company, show what can be accomplished when we work together with a city government to modernize public transport.


Starting in 2016 with a single electric bus providing free transport around the center of Santiago, MetBus’s fleet now includes 435 electric buses, the majority of which were acquired through an agreement with Enel.

Electric bus on a road in Santiago, Chile

How we can help



Follow the most up-to-date electric mobility channel

Enel X can offer a complete, flexible and innovative package, including services ranging from the installation and management of charging infrastructure, such as batteries and charging stations, to energy supply from 100% renewable sources. We also offer fleet management and consumption optimization through innovative demand response technology. These are sustainable, integrated, efficient and technologically based solutions that are designed to transform citizens’ experience of public transport and of the city itself. We make waiting time useful.