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smartEn presents study on benefits of Demand-Side Flexibility at conference

Enel X Head of Flexibility Solutions Daniele Andreoli will discuss how to tap into the potential of flexible demand

In a time of geopolitical instability and soaring energy prices, the energy transition is more urgent than ever. Breaking the dependence on fossil fuels has now become an imperative for economic and security reasons in addition to those of climate change. As the EU Green New Deal and European countries move towards their goal of reducing GHG by 55% by 2030, Demand-Side Flexibility (DSF) can make an important contribution by giving consumers more control over their electricity use. The full potential of DSF to contribute to the energy transition is often overlooked, because it has never been studied at EU level. That’s why smartEn, the European business association integrating the consumer-driven solutions of the clean energy transition, has commissioned the first study on the topic, called “Demand-Side Flexibility in the EU: Quantification of benefits in 2030.” Enel X Head of Flexibility Solutions and smartEn Vice President Daniele Andreoli will discuss the results at a conference on September 28th

The importance of Demand-Side Flexibility in climate change

As the energy market shifts to renewable sources, the fluctuations in the supply of energy present new challenges for consumers, suppliers and grid operators. Demand-Side Flexibility (DSF) is the capability for a customer to react to external signals and adjust their energy generation and consumption in a dynamic time-dependent way, individually as well as through aggregation. DSF is an essential part of the energy transition, because it provides the flexibility to make it  possible to smooth out the fluctuations in supply that are inherent in renewable energy. By reducing energy demand in peak periods, it is possible to mitigate CO₂ emissions by reducing the amount of electricity needed from fossil powered “peak” power plants. DSF can be provided through Demand Side Management programs, energy storage, and distributed renewable generation.
Flexibility Solutions

Flexibility Solutions

Transforming energy from a cost into an opportunity

Enel X and Demand-Side Flexibility

Generating electricity from clean energy sources is essential for reducing CO₂ emissions. But for the energy transition to be truly effective, it must be accompanied by new tools to also manage demand more efficiently. Enel X has developed a variety of Demand Side Management programs, which allow commercial, industrial or institutional organizations to modify their consumption in support of a flexible energy grid in exchange for regular payments.


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