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Enel X Global Retail and Ferrari accelerate Maranello’s renewables journey

Strengthening an energy “alliance” begun in 2022, the partners are setting up an industrial renewable energy community

Enel X Global Retail is helping Ferrari and the luxury sports car maker’s surrounding area accelerate on their journey to increased sustainability. One year after having teamed up to create a photovoltaic system to power part of the luxury auto brand’s Maranello factory, Enel X Global Retail and Ferrari have teamed up again, this time to create Italy’s first industrial Renewable Energy Community (REC), a new, equally ambitious project that will further assist the Prancing Horse and the surrounding territory reach carbon neutrality goals.

From solar power to horsepower: renewables energize the Prancing Horse

In 2022, the two partners launched a project that – through installation of 3,800 solar panels on the rooftop of the Maranello factory – is allowing Ferrari to generate up to 1,535 kWp all while reducing its annual CO₂ emissions by some 740 tons. The project - which supplies part of the car maker’s power needs - also calls for the building of a fully off-grid carport, composed of a PV system and battery storage facility that meets the charging needs of Ferrari’s new hybrid range and full-electric vehicles.
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Expanding Ferrari’s renewables reach to its community

The new REC project will provide renewable energy not only to the Prancing Horse’s factory; it will also serve the municipalities of Fiorano and Maranello. The PV plant – to be built by Enel X Global Retail on a 10,000 sqm plot of land owned by Ferrari adjacent to the Fiorano circuit – will have a capacity of approximately 1,000 KW of power and is scheduled to be completed by December this year.

Scalability will be one of the key features of this new infrastructure, since it will be adaptable to other areas identified by Enel X Global Retail or indicated by Ferrari, increasing the generated energy available to the REC’s members.

“Today we are launching the country's first industrial Renewable Energy Community powered entirely by a photovoltaic system which we will construct for Ferrari,” said Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X Global Retail, at the project’s launch.


“It is a project with great potential, carried out together with a stellar partner who has once again chosen Enel X GR to create value in the local area both economically and environmentally”. 


Enabling consumers to plug into the system and become ‘prosumers’

To build the facility at Maranello, Enel X Global Retail will avail itself of the best technologies on the market, including single-axis trackers and ultra-high-performance double-sided photovoltaic panels. These will generate an annual average of 1,500 MWh for a period of 20 years, enabling the project to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by some 650 tons per year. Public and private entities will be able to join the REC built by Enel X GR and Ferrari, optimizing their consumption by using only renewable energy generated by the new plant. They will also be able to become green energy ‘prosumers’ themselves - that is, by connecting to the system, they will be able to both consume and produce energy for the REC through installing or connecting additional PV panels on their own roofs. It is a winning solution to maximize the benefits for themselves and the community, adding to the positive impact of the project on the area.


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Distributed Energy and Infrastructure

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