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Sustainable future post Covid

Building a sustainable future, together

With its innovative solutions, Enel X is perfectly placed to meet the challenges of the future

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Enel X redefines the urban landscapes of the future

Innovation and Sustainability


Leading the way to climate-proof technological transformation

Sustainability is a commitment to positively influencing the world in which we live. Enel X’s role involves creating effective and long-lasting energy efficient solutions to support smart cities, homes and businesses.


By progressively redefining and upgrading the urban landscapes of the future through e-mobility and green efficiency solutions, Enel X can help build the new foundations of the sustainable energy ecosystem.

Agile Solutions for Indispensable Sustainability

Nature is the primordial template and its “circle of life” basics provide the fundamental blueprint for transforming the 21st century’s ecosystem that includes our work, living and playing environments. Sustainability has become an indispensable lifestyle choice, now more than ever, and there is a need for agile solutions, as well as cutting-edge options. Enel X is forging the future by taking on today’s challenges with accessible innovative solutions in the development of recharging infrastructures and technologies, lighting resources and energy flow management for local government organizations. By establishing more recharging points in large metropolitan areas and creating a stronger recharging infrastructure for suburban areas and highways, Enel X aims to set a balance that satisfies an already existing need in the community while encouraging ease of adaptation amongst individuals.
Smart city

City Solutions

An ecosystem of electrified and digitalized urban infrastructure combined with innovative solutions

Enel X is committed to creating circular cities through proactive digitalization and energy efficiency in electric mobility, storage, renewables, smart grids, public lighting, and building management. By fostering circular cities with reliable and efficient energy services, Enel X offers approachable and simple, sustainable solutions and to make their inhabitants feel more involved in the decision-making process. Call it an energy ecosystem for people, cities and businesses.

Enel X e-Mobility Ecosystem: our integrated solutions

Ease and efficiency are more than just goals, they are a way of life. Enel X leads the way by ensuring seamless transformation of electric mobility for drivers around the globe and reliable energy efficiency services for public and private transport.


By offering complete end-to-end e-mobility solutions for the public and private sectors, Enel X is a catalyst for innovation and change. Along with providing intelligent at-home charging solutions, Enel X’s JuicePass allows drivers to seamlessly manage the charging of their vehicles on the road through an easy smartphone app, accessing over 100,000 charging points worldwide.

Electric mobility

Sustainable Mobility

Leading the global evolution in the way you move

Other electric public mobility infrastructures include JuicePole, an open-air charging solution for urban environments and JuicePump, a fast-charging solution for urban and suburban drivers. Enel X is also focused on product development for businesses, offering companies bespoke and ready-to-scale charging and EV fleet solutions, as well as vehicle-to-grid integration. One of the many other ways Enel X works to further promote the new e-mobility ecosystem is through strategic alliances with like-minded business partners. This includes Enel X’s role as the Official Smart Charging Partner of the Formula E and MotoE championships and as the Official Smart Charging Supplier of the ETCR, the world’s first ever multi-brand electric touring car championship.

Enel X’s response in 2020 (and in the future)

Covid has made us all stop and reevaluate our lives. We have been asked to rethink everything: what we are doing, how we are doing it, why we are doing it and most importantly, where we are doing it. Today, our spaces at home and our place in our community have become an even more integral part of our future. We know first-hand how important it is to be nimble, intuitive and adaptive to change, while being business-smart in order to find new opportunities for growth and progress.
In practical terms, our City Analytics map is a useful tool that enables local government organizations and individual citizens to monitor traffic mobility both during typical and atypical periods such as a lockdown. The interactive map gives viewers real-time comparative analysis of key indicators including movement change, distance travel, exit and entry flows, and congestion at national, regional and local levels.

Enel X’s role1 is more than just a case of providing sustainable public transit projects. Enel X takes a landscape overview at identifying and implementing long-lasting green efficiency solutions to support smart home systems, businesses and cities, and to deal with climate change and social issues. By rethinking current consumption models, Enel X defines energy-saving solutions that guide and support electrification of consumption and integrated energy management systems, promote digitalization and renewable energy systems, and increase decarbonization worldwide to make smart cities a reality for the many.

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