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Find out how solar panels can cut your bills

Find out how solar panels can cut your bills

Solar panels are an essential ingredient for a smart home and for the future of our planet

Why solar panels are the future of the Smart Home

Today the future of the smart home is in solar panels. More and more people are discovering that the commitment to a comfortable, functional, efficient and safe home is also a commitment to protecting the planet with the benefit of increasing savings.


Solar panels and photovoltaic systems not only capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity, but save money and contribute to environmental well-being.

Smart Home Solutions

Residential Solutions

Efficient, innovative and affordable solutions lead to actual improvements in people’s daily lives

Saving money with solar panels

Solar panels save electricity and save money right away and for the future. A photovoltaic system saves money on electricity costs and utility bills, and increases energy independence by allowing you, the user, to not be untethered from traditional energy supplies, and no longer reliant on price fluctuations due to supply demands or scarcity.
Solar savings are considered a very bankable investment return for both the present and the future. Savings results are seen immediately with lower electric and energy bills, and in the long term, solar panels savings offset overall homeowner costs while increasing personal savings. In other words, the longer you have them, the more you save.

Reducing electricity costs

More homeowners know that solar panels reduce energy bills. And how much do solar panels cut electricity bills can be determined by size. Notably, large solar panels generate enough electricity to provide for the entire home, decreasing expenses and increasing overall savings for the short and long term.


Thanks to Enel X’s Energy Storage system, daytime energy produced is warehoused for use in non-daylight hours, when the system is not producing and when energy is scarce. Benefits include increasing self-consumption and available power, and achieving greater energy independence by self-generating clean power, which is always far less expensive than traditional power sources.

Saving the planet by producing clean energy

Saving money is a great feeling, and it feels even better when it contributes to the good of the planet.  Using solar panels fosters and promotes environmental well-being by directly contributing to the reduction of your own personal carbon footprint and carbon emissions overall, while diversifying the usage of energy supplies. It’s an easy, efficient and environmentally positive solution.
Solar energy comes from the sun, which means it is clean energy. Upgrading to solar panels is a cost-effective solution that underlines utility savings and most importantly, fights climate change via a visible and meaningful reduction in fossil fuels, fewer greenhouse gas emissions and significantly less air pollutants.

The Enel X offer for your smart home

Enel X is synonymous with innovation and offers affordable home services and technological solutions that save energy and provide greater well-being. We offer real home solutions for solar and photovoltaic systems, and provide installation, maintenance and repair services, plus the possibility to add on optional services such as extended warranties and annual maintenance.
In all solutions for urban living, the easy and accessible Enel X Sun Plug & Play  boosts the sustainability of household consumption and renewable energy production in a 0.34 kW photovoltaic system solution, which can be installed on a balcony or terrace, metal railing or masonry parapet.  Enel X is always looking out for your savings and your smart home, and continues to promote eco-conscious living and foster the health of the planet.