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Colombia doubles down on its commitment to zero emissions mobility

Enel Colombia, through its Enel X business line, is a key player in the establishment of the first network of public chargers for electric vehicles in Bogotá

Published on JANUARY 22, 2024
Sometimes all it takes is a little push to get going. In Colombia, authorities have given the green light to a plan to install a public electric charging network in Bogotá as part of efforts to promote zero-emissions mobility in the capital. Enel X will be in charge of the construction and maintenance of the stations that will be part of the charging network, which will be the first of its kind in the South American country.

Public fast charging boosts electric mobility in Bogotá

The project, which includes the construction of six public fast-charging stations in Bogotá, involves the participation of the District Mobility Secretariat and District Transport Operator La Rolita. The network is part of the Colombian government's efforts to drive the country's energy transition and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 51% by 2030.
Public Transport solution for Bogotà

Public Transport solution for Bogotà

The Colombian capital has deployed more than 800 electric buses to reduce polluting emissions on the city’s streets

Strategic locations power awareness of Enel X’s charging service

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Enel X will make available a total of 15 charging points, distributed in six stations throughout the city. The first of these stations - in operation since December 28, 2023 - is located in the La Alhambra neighborhood; three fast charging terminals - one 150 kW and two 60 kW - equipped with CCS1, CCS2 and GBT connectors are available there. On average, these terminals can fully charge 60-100 kW batteries in one and a half hours.

Starting “small”, but thinking “big”

Recently, three additional stations - Modelia, Nicolás de Federmán and Chicó - came into operation, while the remaining two will come online during the first half of 2024. The potential market for electric mobility in Bogotá is enormous. The city's Automotive District Registry, estimates that, as of December 2023, there were close to 7,000 electric vehicles - including cars, vans, motorcycles, trucks and buses - on the capital’s roads. From now on, many of these vehicles will have easy access to public charging facilities throughout the city.

Electrifying Colombia’s public bus fleet

Enel X is not new to electrified transport in Colombia. it has already built and adapted six charging yards that house a total of 412 chargers and are capable of recharging up to 878 electric buses of the Integrated Public Transportation System. As part of this project, Enel X also supplied Bogotá with 401 electric buses. To promote the use of these new e-mobility solutions, social events were organized in communities that host commercial and residential charging infrastructures. These events focused on the characteristics of the projects, as well as on conveying the benefits of electric mobility in terms of sustainability, emissions and quality of life.


 Electric Public Transportation

Electric Public Transport

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