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Gran Canaria’s ‘guaguas’ get the silent treatment

Boasting Spain’s sixth largest public bus fleet, the island is going the all-electric route, with the help of Endesa X

Published on NOVEMBER 23, 2023

The fresh Atlantic air that sweeps across Spain’s Canary Islands will soon be fresher still, thanks to a big public transport electrification project in Gran Canaria, part of efforts by the island’s local government to electrify public services. 


An e-Bus project with massive expansion potential

In October, Endesa X won the first public tender to supply Guaguas Municipales – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s public transport company – with infrastructure and charging points for its fleet of buses, affectionately called ‘guaguas’ by locals. As part of the project, Endesa X will install four 150 kW chargers with CCS2 connectors – one for each of the current four buses in the fleet – offering the possibility of inverted pantograph output. In the future, the installed infrastructure will allow the simultaneous recharging of 30 buses, equipped with this state-of-the-art technology. The eBus contract is a project with vast potential for future expansion, considering that Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s public transport operator owns 275 buses, making it the sixth largest bus fleet in Spain.

From modest beginnings a ‘green star’ is born

Public electrification projects are not new to Gran Canaria: Guaguas Municipales purchased its first electric bus in May 2019, after which it started a series of tests that led to the progressive adaptation of the bus service to meet the requirements of electrification. Separately, in February 2022, Sagulpa – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria’s municipal company that manages the island capital’s public parking lots – awarded Endesa X a contract to install, manage and supply recharging points. With its 275-bus fleet and a significant public charging base, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has the potential to become a real ‘green star’ in electrified public transport.
 Electric Public Transportation

Electric Public Transport

Zero-emissions mobility for sustainable cities

Three steps to more sustainable public transport

The eBus contract signed in October is split into three phases and has a total value of some 1.6 million euros. The first part of the mixed tender assigns to Endesa X the works, supply, installation, commissioning and legalization of the electrical infrastructure necessary for recharging Guaguas Municipales’s electric vehicle fleet. The first phase also includes the expansion of the electric cabin that the municipal bus company has in its garage in Arequipa street, in El Sebadal, the island capital’s harbor district. The project’s second phase calls for the expansion and adaptation of the low voltage electrical installation for the inclusion of electric vehicle chargers in the garage, while the third phase will see the supply and installation of the four charging points for the electric buses and the management system.