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Launching the 2nd year of Monitor for Circular Fashion

Launching the 2nd year of Monitor for Circular Fashion

Enel X renews the support to SDA Bocconi to release a report to enable the transition towards circular business models

Published on MAY 24, 2022

The 2022 Monitor for Circular Fashion Report, to be presented next fall, will contain the results of the work conducted with companies in the fashion sector and aims to identify eco-design principles, completing the industry-specific measurement of KPIs found in 2021.

The Monitor is an integral part of SDA Bocconi’s Sustainability Lab and is powered by Enel X, which provides its cross-industry vision to identify circularity KPIs.

The results of its 2022 research report will focus on eco-design and sustainability claims to prevent greenwashing, intended as fake sustainability practices used purely for marketing purposes.

The EU findings contained in the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles released only last March 2022, render work on the issues even more urgent as they show that European consumption in the textile sector has a significant and negative impact on climate change. For example, textile product consumption, after food, homes and mobility, is the fourth most significant factor with negative repercussions on the environment, the third for water and soil consumption and fifth for usage of primary resources and gas emissions. In this context and for these reasons, the EU strategy has come up with an approach to face these challenges in a seamless way, considering the entire textile product life cycle and proposing actions modifying the way these products are produced and consumed.
Monitor for Circular Fashion

Monitor for Circular Fashion

An overview of the circular maturity level of the Italian fashion industry

Second year of activity

The Circular Economy

The Circular Economy

A new model for creating value

For this second year of activity, the Monitor for Circular Fashion is composed of 16 ingredient brands, retailers and service providers throughout the whole supply chain of the Italian fashion industry, upstream to downstream, as well as a KPIs Committee made up of consultants expert in measuring circularity. The number of companies in the community have grown with new ones choosing to partner in the project this year. These fashion firms, all front-runners for sustainability and circularity in the fashion supply chain in Italy, will continue to engage in their virtuous exchange on the challenges and opportunities of circularity aimed at developing new practical and measurable solutions.

In addition to the activities already launched in 2021, the multi-stakeholder project will be integrated with itinerant meetings and pilot projects to implement and test KPIs identified through last year’s research.

These meetings will take place throughout the year and will actively involve the companies in the community explaining their traceability, transparency, sustainability and circularity projects already underway or in a start-up phase.

At the same time, the pilot projects will focus on supply chain partnerships: Monitor community companies will shadow and support young designers and Italian landmark entities to share value through circularity. The pilot projects will also test the principles of the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) sustainability claims.

What is the Monitor for Circular Fashion project and Enel X role

The project is a multi-stakeholder scientific and technological community made up of leading companies in the fashion sector and its supply chain, with the objective of driving the transition toward circular business models forward. To achieve this, it focuses on identifying and disseminating the best practice technical, managerial and scientific skills in the fashion sector.


Its goals include:

  • Examining the evolution of the fashion industry and its main sectors, in the next decade
  • Identifying the impact of these dynamics, and their alignment with the UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Objectives
  • Finding major qualitative and quantitative indicators for the sector
  • Accelerating circularity throughout, starting with Europe but with a global perspective.

Enel X supported the realization of the analysis report with an innovative methodology, based on value chain assessments performed with questionnaires, interviews and field inspections with the companies of the Monitor for Circular Fashion ultimately measuring the level of circular maturity related both to corporate and energy aspects.

The previous report of 2021 revealed that, despite the tremendous challenges related to the pandemic, 13 out of 14 companies confirmed or increased their investments in sustainability in the last year and a half. We will welcome and are curious to view the results for this year, given the growing attention that this theme generates with regards to sustainability, particularly in the fashion sector.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are leading the change, accelerating the energy transition