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Enel X Way

Enel X Way: a global provider of integrated solutions for e-mobility

A global outlook for worldwide integrated solutions for electric mobility

Published on APRIL 05, 2022

Enel X Way is Enel Group's new global business line entirely dedicated to electric mobility. Enel X believes e-mobility will be key in shaping the future at global level. For this reason, as a global platform for e-mobility, Enel X Way is focused on scaling up EV charging infrastructure to meet the rapidly increasing electric mobility market, while developing advanced charging technology and flexible solutions to improve customer experience and support the electrification of transport for consumer, business and cities. Enel X Way has a global outlook and reach.

Enabling the electrification of customer energy demand is the decisive tool to complete the energy transition and the process of electrification, by expanding access to the benefits of sustainability to all areas of use and all consumer targets.

Enel X Way

Officially, the new Brand will be launched at Rome’s Formula E-prix on 8 April, 2022. The business line will also be responsible for management and evolution the Enel X JuicePass app, a mobile application through which users can manage all the charging services of an electric vehicle at public and private charging stations. Currently, Enel X Way manages more than 319,000 charging points, both directly and through interoperability agreements in place around the world. Enel Way’s figures and the added value it offers its customers are both proof of its efficiency for customers and of the company’s commitment to e-mobility.
As the Italian business case with the Conad agreement shows, the Enel X Way charging points for electric vehicles, located in the car parks at Conad shops, only supply energy produced from renewable sources and are distributed throughout Italy. To date, Enel X Way has installed 15,000 charging points across Italy, making electric travel easy and safe. The global market expansion has come gradually, reaching North America in 2017 and China in 2020, having previously consolidated its presence from Latin America to Asia and Oceania. What this means in practice is that we have already entered the phase of mass-markets for EV which requires a solid and robust business structure in order to remain premium players in the sectors.

A new profile leads the Division to become an e-mobility provider

Enel X Way’s new Head of Division, Elisabetta Ripa, noted “E-mobility as a sector is growing exponentially in all of its applications. Investments in the sector, in 2021 alone, have reached over 70 billion.”Ripa hails from an extensive professional  experience, as former CEO of Open Fiber (a telecommunications service provider, Enel’s subsidiary). Her international business experience has shaped her outlook, particularly in business development, international development and finance.


According to Elisabetta Ripa the future will bring flexible mobility, with consumers looking for services to move comfortably at contained costs, and this is the market where Enel X WAY wants to consolidate its presence by being equipped with the needed technology. Furthermore, it is important to note that the aim for Enel X WAY is to become a global provider of integrated solutions for e-mobility through an innovative platform managing the service, underscoring the vision and scope which are worldwide.

The renewed partnership

The renewed partnership (since 2017) recently signed between Enel Way and Conad, Italy’s leading supermarket chain, shows how the market for electric mobility is growing exponentially, attracting players from different sectors, and by partnering with large companies the transition for a more sustainable mobility is accelerated. Taking the Italian business case as an example of the potential it unlocks, around 100 new Enel X Way charging points will be installed in 2021, which can be conveniently found and booked through the JuicePass app, at the Conad shop network.
In addition, eight Ultrafast (High Power Charging) charging points are currently being installed, which will allow electric vehicles to be fully charged in about 20 minutes. This represents a further step in the synergy that began in December 2017, which has led to the installation of around 400 charging points for public use distributed throughout Italy, of which around 100 are equipped with fast charging technology.