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Enel X pay online bank account for minor

How to open an online bank account for a minor

It is important to have a bank account, but opening one can be complex for minors. Enel X has a solution

Published on MARCH 18, 2021

Why is a bank account important?

Having a bank account is a necessity in the modern world and one most adults take for granted. It is a different story for the young, whose age makes it complicated, if not downright impossible, to enter into a contractual arrangement such as with a bank.

This is a major drawback for a minor, particularly as they head into their teenage years and develop their own online presence, because shopping in the virtual world is all but impossible without access to a bank account. 

Also, it is never too early to start saving and learning to manage money. Banks are in the business of keeping customers’ money safe and will hold a record of their transactions, doing away with the need to make a note of payments into and out of the account on pieces of paper it is all too easy to lose.

Can a minor have a bank account?

Father and son opening an account online
Getting comfortable with money is an important skill that is needed in modern life and a bank account helps children begin to understand the value of money.  It can also help develop a sense of independence and responsibility. But can a minor have a bank account? And more specifically, can a minor have an online bank account? The answers to those two questions differ, depending on the law of the country – and in the US, the state – one is in. Under Italian law, the answer is in the affirmative. Parents must certify in writing that they are acting under parental authority before being permitted to open an account for a child as a minor and limits must be set on how much cash can be withdrawn from the account. Added to that, each bank has its own protocols to observe when opening an account for a minor.

How to add a bank account for a minor

Depending on the bank, that might be complicated. However, Enel X Pay makes adding a minor child to your bank account easy.


Enel X Pay is an online bank account that is simple to use, secure, and authorized by the Bank of Italy, and is the result of changes to financial regulations designed to help new players break into a market dominated by the traditional banks.

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A bank account with a payment card

Enel X Pay account holders with children aged between 11 and 17 years can open a dedicated online bank account with its own Mastercard for the youngsters. The card is important because, while online purchases are possible through the account alone, life is considerably simpler if there is a card attached to the account. Parents have full control over the use made of their minor child’s account. Adults can check balances and payments and set spending limits.

The card also allows the adult to block certain categories of expenses and even approve transactions before they are completed. And, if necessary, to block the card.


It’s another example of how Enel X simplifies life right from a very young age.