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benefits of digital payments

Going digital: the benefits of digital payments

Life is moving fast with integrated technology and digitalization

Published on MARCH 17, 2021

Digital payments and how they work

From entertainment and education to purchasing and payments, our world is becoming more and more simplified and streamlined with digital payment apps and services that transform consumer behavior, innovate business and reshape the rules of the market.

Utilizing at-home technology of mobile computing and internet-enabled devices, digital payments are payments directly are conducted over the internet and mobile channels  through app technology.  Examples include digital wallets, mobile point of sales (MPos) and mobile payment apps, contactless payments, mobile wallets and cashless payments all making it easier in how to increase digital payments. With innovative digital payment programs and Enel X Pay online bank account, Enel X forges forward as a leader in digital payments.


What is a digital wallet? 

But what is a digital wallet? The digital wallet is changing how we pay for everything.


With a digital wallet, you can easily store all your payment details on your smartphone or tablet, making it easier than ever to make purchases online and in stores and to withdraw cash, as long as it’s linked to your bank account. (Note: You’ll need to have a valid bank account if you want to withdraw money from a bank account linked to a digital wallet.)

Online now more than ever

As the global marketplace transforms, online payments and digital transactions are solidifying why online payment services are necessary now more than ever. The world is evolving to a new normal where everyday tasks and essential operations are becoming less and less convenient, increasing the need to reach out to the digital realm for ease and efficiency.


Look around you. Real-time payments combine speed, data and communication for immediate access to payment and confirmation, providing near instantaneous transaction security. 

Thanks to advancements in digital payment technology and cyber security including rigorous encryption and authentication protocols, digital payments are more efficient and safer than offline payments. In addition, Digital payments promote business from around the world, eliminating geographical boundaries and removing obstacles that would otherwise restrict participation in a global marketplace.

The benefits of going digital

Payment Solutions

Financial Services Solutions

Enabling smart living through financial management solutions

As cash is becoming obsolete and contactless transactions are ever the more desired, businesses and consumers want faster, safer, and more convenient payment methods and the benefits of digital payments are multifold.  The convenience and accessibility immediately answer the question of why digital payment is better than cash in a seamless and nanosecond transaction.


Complementing swift transaction speed is the increase of personal time for consumers by eliminating lines and waiting. With innovative technology and rigorous security, digital payments are low risk and provide an additional layer of purchase protection when using credit cards that guarantee lowest price, extend warranties, and dispute charges. Overall, online payments are a hassle-free experience at no cost.

Enel X Pay, the simple solution

Enel X Pay is an online bank account and contactless Mastercard that fits into the portfolio of financial solutions offered by Enel X Financial Services. Enel X Pay simplifies payments with an app-centric solution (available for both iOS and Android). In real time and with a single tap, customers can process physical and digital payments, divide expenses, send money, manage expenses such as bills and taxes, and move money within the euro payments area.  A bonus is the account analytics which shows holders spending trends. 


Enel X is also available for children aged between 11 and 18 years, with full parental control including balances checks and transaction approval.

Enel X continues in its role as pioneer and opportunity-maker by evolving the digital payment landscape with an unparalleled and innovative financial portfolio of cashless purchases, seamless wire transferscashback incentive programs, and Enel X pay online bank account.