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Cashback advantages

What is cashback and how does it work?

A way to get a little money back on the things you buy every day

Published on FEBRUARY 04, 2021

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Cashback, a service that rewards consumers

Imagine going to the store and paying for your groceries with a credit card -- and getting some money back every time you do so: this is the idea behind cashback cards. Cashback means you earn a small percentage back every time you use a credit card for your daily purchases. There are many ways you can get cashback after purchase. Which stores do cashback on credit cards also depends on the issuer and its network: they can include supermarkets, department stores, drugstore chains, online retailers, gas stations and more.
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What is a cashback credit card?

Many people wonder: how does a cashback credit card work? Basically, it’s a credit card that gives you a rebate every time you use it. For example, if you have a 2% cashback card and you use it to buy a 1,200 euro laptop, you would earn 24 euros back on that purchase.Some cards have a flat rate, earning you the same percentage on all purchases;
others are cashback bonus cards, where making certain kinds of purchases within a set period of time gets you a larger amount of money back.

Cashback bonus: how to use it

Depending on your card, you can redeem your cashback bonus by applying it to your credit card balance, requesting a check or bank transfer, or using it for reward points. With automatic cashback, the money shows up directly in your bank account. Some issuers offer cashback match programs, which means they will match the bonus you’ve earned, so you get twice the refund.
Enel X Financial Services offers Enel X Pay, an online bank account which comes with a card and an Italian IBAN. It allows users to make payments in real time, and it also offers a cashback service.

Enel X cashback program: all the benefits

With Enel X Pay, the new and agile online bank account, earning automatic cashback is easy and rewarding. You can join the program directly on the Enel X Pay app through a fast, clear and practical interface — and the refunds show up directly on your Enel X Pay account. What’s more, if you decide to activate the Enel X Pay Family Option, the cashback scheme will also cover purchases made by your kids.
With Enel X Pay, getting cashback in an increasingly digitalized world is a smooth and seamless experience.