Enel X Pay, a sustainable online account and card

Enel X Pay, a sustainable online account and card

Enel X Pay, the new online bank account devised for the digital generation, launches as part of the integrated ecosystem of financial solutions offered by Enel

Published on OCTOBER 21, 2020

What is Enel X Pay?

Enel X Pay is an online bank account associated with an italian account number and a Mastercard prepaid card, designed to simplify clients’ daily payments. It’s easy to use and secure, authorised by the Bank of Italy and backed by Enel, one of Italy’s most financially solid and reputable companies. Enel, which is already active in payment systems, is seeking to raise its margins by cutting out third parties and centralising Group payments. The Covid-19 lockdown has familiarised households with digital online payments while regulatory changes have opened opportunities for new players to break into a market dominated by the banks. The move will also boost contacts between the company and its customers and clear the path for it to exploit its brand in a market where reputation and trust are key elements for success.

The launch comes as Enel X Financial Services reaches a deal with SIA to develop new digital services that are simple and secure. The SIA platform enables digital payments in real time, while also offering the highest levels of reliability and performance, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


“A reliable and innovative partner like SIA will allow us to take full advantage of the huge opportunities in open finance,” said Giulio Carone, CEO of Enel Financial Services.  “Thanks to this strategic partnership we will be able to develop, and offer our clients, new payments and cashflow management services, starting with electric vehicles.”

Payment Solutions

Financial Services Solutions

Enabling smart living through financial management solutions

The agreement with SIA is one of a series of recent accords designed to boost the presence of Enel X Financial Services in digital payments.


These include a link with Hubject that will make it easier to pay to recharge electric cars, and a deal with Stockholm-based Tinkthat will help the Rome-based company meet its customers’ demands for smart, digital financial services.

How does Enel X Pay work?

The solution is App-centric (available for both iOS and Android) and puts users fully in control of their finances from their smartphones.


Enel X Pay uses technology that’s in continuous evolution to simplify payments, offering a single account that can do everything previously carried out through multiple accounts, and do it in real time.

Customers can process physical and digital payments with a tap, divide expenses  and send money to friends, manage their daily big or small expenses such as bills and taxes. 


Account holders can also move money within the euro payments area, while the account analytics part of the App  can show holders how they are spending their money, by categorizing the expenses.

The card

Holders have a digital and physical card, they can use anywhere on the Mastercard circuit. The card is made of bioplastic, an innovative material that’s kinder on the environment and avoids wasting resources. 
The card, which is sent directly to customers’ home, is contactless and offers all the services available with Bancomat cards.

The family

Account holders with children aged between 11 and 17 years can open them a dedicate bank online account with their own Mastercard.


This option offers full parental control – it allows adults to check balances and payments, block certain categories of expenses, set spending limit and even approve transactions before they are completed. And, if necessary, to block the card.

Father and son opening an account online