Boston Properties Picks Smart Energy Services by Enel X

Boston Properties Picks Smart Energy Services by Enel X

The American real estate investment trust has chosen Enel X to analyze and streamline its energy consumption

Published on JUNE 01, 2018

Enel X for Energy Efficiency

The company, which manages luxury properties and has branches in Boston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington DC, called on the Enel Group’s expertise to provide a complete energy efficiency program to track consumption through its intelligent monitoring software in order to enhance its sustainability. Around 10,000 bills involving 939 Boston Properties cost centers have been collected and analyzed through EnerNOC, an American company acquired by Enel that is a global leader in digital services. The brief provided by the American real estate company boiled down to one thing – energy efficiency. Its aim was to cut consumption at its properties by at least 15% by managing the bills on a single centralized platform monitoring 102 sites. This would also lead to a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.
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The Enel X EIS, UBM, Procurement and DR intelligent services supported the streamlining of internal corporate processes and ensured precise data. The result was savings of 565,000 dollars in 2016 alone. Consumption fell by 10%, greenhouse gas emissions were cut by 26.7% and the company generated earnings of 2.6 million dollars by joining the Demand Response program. Boston Properties has not only improved its consumption patterns but has also benefited from Enel X’s strategic support: by placing a number of suppliers in direct competition, it obtained advantageous energy supply conditions. The self-managed real estate trust has also increased the financial performance of its properties, boosted productivity and achieved sustainable company status.

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Energy Intelligence Software by Enel X has enabled Boston Properties to increase its ENERGY STAR score (a US government program promoting energy efficiency) from 38 to 79 year on year. Working in an eco-compatible setting is very important in the real estate sector as it offers clients sustainable environments. Boston Properties' use of the Enel X energy-saving program provides a striking example of how placing digital intelligence at the service of companies is a crucial tool for generating meaningful cuts in costs and environmental pollution. Sustainability is smart with Enel X. Interested in finding out more about the solutions Enel X provides in North America? Click here.
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